A Daughter without a Mom

Maybe she left when you were young Or pretended to love Still living but far away Died a day that shall stay etched in your mind for the rewind button is a temptation Couldn’t we have laughed more? Shouldn’t you have taken better care of your body and the illnesses it bore? Grief sticks when … Continue reading A Daughter without a Mom

When God Moves

May we open our mouths in awe of who our Lord is, always has been, and ever more will be. May we close our eyes and walk by faith alone. May we hunger for His Word. May we delve deep into His well of Living Water. May we be like children, yearning for more of … Continue reading When God Moves

His Kingdom Come

Oh what a Savior, oh what a friend. Jesus lived, ate, slept alongside people like you and me for 33 years on earth. He taught us His Kingdom is NOT military success (how desperately the disciples wanted Rome silenced), is NOT a thing over here or over there. His Kingdom is among us, within us. … Continue reading His Kingdom Come


Today, I accompanied Braedon to his second college open house. As we jammed in a tiered classroom with other prospectives, I tried to listen and follow along. First, a social media scavenger hunt, winner got candy. But wait, that was actually after the website and code number to give all questions a place to “drop” … Continue reading College-bound

Holy Thursday

Demons are not flesh and blood, but oh how they use flesh and blood for their plans. On the eve of His crucifixion, Jesus remained who He was at the beginning. The Word with God. Truth to rise and silence the demise of every Satan’s lie. Jesus allowed evil so that Father’s plans to redeem … Continue reading Holy Thursday