Holy Ground

Storms ripped. His rain flooded. On Good Friday, Pennsylvania and surrounding states endured a tornado warning. My husband and I lay in bed listening to the high winds, praying our roof would stay put. It never occurred to me speaking on Saturday might be canceled. Before sleep, I prayed in sincere expectation out loud with … Continue reading Holy Ground

Fire and Sin

My Spirit is not at rest. Notre Dame in Paris is burning, pieces of the mighty historic Cathedral falling from their prior place in the sky. Ashes descending … a holy place filled with breath-stealing smoke. My heart remembers vividly when a friend texted in the Fall to ask me to pray. In the days … Continue reading Fire and Sin

Seeing God

After Jacob wrestled with a nameless man, wrangled him all through the night, not wanting to let go until the man blessed him … he said: “It is because I saw God face to face, and yet my life was spared” (Genesis 32: 30). After Jesus’ resurrection, the disciples told Thomas, “We have seen the … Continue reading Seeing God