Excused from Church: A Short Story

Chewing her nails, she checked her nylons one more time for a snag. Millie tilted the rearview mirror toward her face. Sweat trailed over both temples. What gives? It’s 20 degrees out. Her sea green eyes seemed small. Tired eyelids were puffy after her crying jag. Make-up was useless. Oh, I don’t even know what … Continue reading Excused from Church: A Short Story


Braving Depression’s Truth

I convinced myself I was through the thick of depression. My free-flowing tears this summer, I attributed to growing in compassion. If you follow my blog, you may remember I wrote The Depression Confession in August as if it had passed. Here’s the link https://juliedibblewrites.wordpress.com/2017/08/23/the-depression-confession/ There’s no doubt when you sit in a counselor’s office … Continue reading Braving Depression’s Truth

Glory Happening: Guest post by Author Kaitlin Curtice

Today, I welcome Kaitlin Curtice, a beautiful soul who is committed to the hard work of digging deep to find meaning and glory in the everyday. Kaitlin is a Native American Christian writer, speaker and worship leader. You can find her writing at kaitlincurtice.com. Enjoy this sneak peek into her book and into her life. You … Continue reading Glory Happening: Guest post by Author Kaitlin Curtice