The Decluttering: Part 2

When Rocko and I walked this morning at o’dark thirty, His sky was crystal clear. Twinkling stars remained faithful to their given roles. The ever-familiar, Big Dipper, poured heaven toward earth. As I ponder the Magi from the East, I am in awe of this part of our Father’s preparation for the birth of His … Continue reading The Decluttering: Part 2

It is Retreat Season

What does retreat mean to you? Jesus retreated by Himself on a regular basis to pray and be with the Father. I thank Jesus for how He blessed me with His presence and comfort this week. Poetry is only born from my soul when I am close enough to feel His breath. At first glance, … Continue reading It is Retreat Season

The Battle

On His Word, I feast to defeat the beast His name I shall praise to lift myself from dark malaise On my knees, I pray for the devil to flee, my Lord to have His way His will, in it I stumble and walk oh, Jesus, hear me when I call Not I, but You … Continue reading The Battle

Lord of All

Our Jesus reigns over every natural and supernatural domain Our Jesus lives after He atoned the tomb had room because He rose Our Jesus wept when we hurt, we are comforted and kept Our Jesus saves gives us testimony when we follow His Way Our Jesus loves the Word when God breathed the earth the … Continue reading Lord of All

A Book in Progress

Aren’t we all … A story waiting to be told Born a slate, eternity written by God’s mighty hand. Life unfolds, twists, turns, lifts, bruises and burns. The Author and Finisher of our yet undefined faith has hidden us, as a mama dog snugs her newborn pup Our divine design to come unhindered unsaddled but … Continue reading A Book in Progress