We are His Chosen Women

A new day of mercies
Fresh love falling like snow

Pinch, flinch, retract
Protect and wallow

Why the cycle?
Crimson seasons wash white

How dare we ask-
In a tone that is harsh

We hear, “Whom shall you please?”
His voice spurs a heart-freeze

Disappointed Him….again
Should bow and sing


Turning away, desperate to erase
Our actions, hiding the shame-face

“Seek me,” says He
We cannot…..

For when we look to You
We see the ‘me’ in Christ, shiny and new
A woman reflected, perfected in your image

Shying away from Truth
Easier not to believe

“You are worth every moment I give,” again says He.
“I placed your crown, Daughter of the King.”

The chosen Me? The one we sometimes know,
Unsure where the other part of self goes

He says give me your all because You are mine
Learn to let go, be transformed in His time

Tight Shoulders settle
Knotted stomachs stand straight

Cracking, unsnapping necks and knees
Service mouths speak of many faces

Blessed eyes see the world colored by His grace

Fully release, sink into His sweet peace

Look up,
Let Love
Be a light

For His glory, in all seasons, day and night



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