The Jesus Season

Seasons arrive, sometimes uninvited
Just as Jesus did in her womb

Accepted though He was
Bowed and worshiped she did

When the storm settles
The dampness sets in


Motivations is tapped
Energy is sapped

Mold creeps the walls of your heart
Bold no more, you turn away

Better it is alone
Knowing what to expect

Control its aspect
Clouds bellow and lay low

Something-is it the Spirit-nudged
Drawing your eyes to the Most High

Light shines
Load lessens

Back on His solid ground
Where what we know is because of Him

Remove the pressures
Read the Scriptures

Bring your moment to His feet
Allow the tears

Drops of faith
Recouped with Truth

Restore, replenish, renew


6 thoughts on “The Jesus Season

  1. This is where I struggle:
    “Better it is alone
    Knowing what to expect
    Control its aspect”

    I tend to isolate myself so easily-I know how to do it so well. So well that people often don’t even notice I’m doing it. Dangerous.

    But God keeps reminding me of what choices I have to make, so I’m daily setting my eyes on Him.

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    • So glad you shared, Jen. I write what I know, and the words are from Him who know others need them. If that makes any sense??? I love our God as where our eyes need to go “daily” as you said. May he bless you tonight.


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