Sisters, Are you up for a Treehouse Sleepover?

Who doesn’t like a place to hide once in a while? Maybe like me, as a child you dreamed of having a tree house someday…one with a sign that said NO BOYS ALLOWED and a rope ladder you could recoil at will to discourage any unwanted visitors.

Confession: from the sidewalk in my neighborhood, I have been coveting this newly built treehouse. The pounding of nails as they constructed the walls, the dainty pastel lights strung across the main room, and the window to peek at the nosy passersby on the sidewalk. Intrigued, I took a few pictures. May these photos stir your imagination as they did mine…

Ahh the tree house…a secret club of only your besties. Girls in our jammies, snuggled in pink sleeping bags, telling stories of the heart. Chatting all night until your eyelids closed while your mouth was still moving. One more fun idea to share. As you dream off, you resolve to tell them tomorrow. They will love it!

Hope, safety, and without-a-doubt acceptance.

Sisterhood free of worry and guilt invaders. Women that get you…snot from the cleansing cry, chin hair, gut wrenching pain and all. Arms that hold your body when it can’t stand up. Eyes who cast kindness on every action you take. Feet who stand at your door after just hanging up with you, knowing your psyche needs a treat…and a hug. Words spoken to your soul…not perfectly spoken…just reflecting who you are with all the beauty God designed.

Our Creator deemed us to be social in a weaving kind of way. If we stand alone, we totally rob ourselves and others of His love. If we connect with just one person, it is amazing what happens, how He uses that one friendship.

I know someone who also has twins
My friend said the same thing to me the other day. Hmm
I would be honored to pray for you, and your friend you mentioned. What did you say her first name was?
You can tell we are writers. Who else would talk about that on a Friday night?
I haven’t laughed that hard…since I don’t know when!

Leaving a world confined by perfectionism, I am opening myself to new people, new possibilities. Being more compassionate with myself when I miss school papers or forget my husband’s dry cleaning, there’s more compassion to share with others. Compassion kind of multiplies itself. Try it. You may be surprised…
Spirit has had a field day with me, deconstructing perfectionism, peeling back the layers. Friends, new ones, have just flooded into my life so that I may offer what Spirit offers me. For if I am not perfect, nobody else is either! And we are super blessed by a God who flows His love and grace consistently and faithfully for the times when we miss the mark.

Out of his fullness, we have all received grace in place of grace already given (NLT, John 1:16)

My prayer for you today is that you have at least one go-to woman that would totally sleep overnight in a tree house with you. Because if you have one girlfriend to trust with your life-truth, whatever that may be…He will begin to gather the brokenness, find places where it overlaps with you and the person He chose for you. Then He will watch as the understanding grows, how His work is good for the two of you. Then in His time, He will bring others to your treehouse club. When He does, it just might be the time to rekindle the girls’ only sleepover…
If this post excited you for God and girlfriends, please like and share. Comments help me know how to better serve you, if you have a moment to leave one! Be strong in Him this coming week.


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