Calming the Christmas Craze, 2 of 3

The stockings are hung.

The tree is lit.

Some presents are bought.

And its only Cyber Monday.

So why not begin celebrating early? No, I am not talking about throwing an early December party.

For the past couple of years, our two boys and I have each picked a couple families to surprise with our early morning cookie ministry. We package up a bundle for each house and load in the car before sunrise. It is easier to stay incognito in the wee early gray morning. I park a couple spots away from the first residence on the list. We send Jackson with his fast feet to leave the goodies at the designated door. He races back, and we zip to the next house. Fun and blesses others.

These random acts of kindness can happen on any December day. A Tuesday, for example, would surely surprise the people opening their door to get their newspaper or start their car for work.

Then, there is the simple beauty of the hand-written note. In my mind, the more flashy and fast technology gets, the more elegant is the act of putting pen to actual paper.

Yes, I know. Its slower to hand-write than to text or email or Facebook message.

Breathing and pacing is exactly my recommendation today.


Consider anything hand-written for gifts. It could be a journal or book that you sign and dedicate to its new owner. It could be a poem or a story or a friendly, pretend “news” article about your relationship with that person. Let one idea from this blog be the match that lights the fire to a whole brainstorm!

In the spirit of Advent and preparing for Jesus, you can find kits that come with twine and little envelopes with those sweet little clothespins. Last year, I got into my friend’s place early in December and strung one up as a surprise for her. Except, seeing it was only half the treat. Each day until Christmas, she received a verse or quote from the day’s designated cute mini envelope.

Let’s think small and stretch the giving out across the entire month of Jesus’ blessed birth. I know in my heart there are crafters reading this blog who could whip up something gorgeous with their God-given hands and leave for their neighbor tomorrow. Use the gifts He gave you to be the light in someone’s December day.


Dear Jesus,
Today, we praise your Heavenly birth! We thank you for being the light in our life each day. We ask in your name, Lord, for you to write ideas on our hearts and in our minds of ways we can serve with simplicity this holiday season. We ask You to remind us of our spiritual strengths we may have tucked away for another time. We love you and simply cannot tell you enough. In Your Holy Name, Amen


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2 thoughts on “Calming the Christmas Craze, 2 of 3

  1. I loved the Calming of Christmas Craze writings. It is such an inspiration to others how you are a wife, mother, Christian Author and Speaker. You always make time for the Lord, and help others. I am picturing Jackson running up to each porch and dropping of cookies. What a great example to your boys, to do kind things for others. Them being involved with doing this, at a young age, is wonderful! Keep up the great work!

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