Calming the Christmas Craze, 3 of 3

Bratty Beauty in the Christmas Ashes: A Poem

Aromas of bayberry and pine
In the background the never-ending whine

The glistening angel on the tree-top tall
Ashamed, her head hangs hearing it all

Why can’t I have
Do I have to serve

The new Hotwheels are cool
Ps4 Madden is only for the fools


Playstation is better, louder, and internet ready
Me, me, me, me, me … a holy melody

Aren’t we free from chores?
It’s Christmas after all?

Funny…last I checked Jesus worked from sun up til sun down after the Fall

Can my friend come over?
Dinner is boring.

Hmmm, wonder if Judas thought he was really scoring in Jesus’s story

Can I use my gift card today?
Commercial said the store was open all day

Does God regret his all-encompassing power, knowledge and say?

As He looks at us below
Dreaming of the day when we could show

His love to others,
To all our sisters and brothers

Instead of loving ourselves, being right
Gossiping and causing a fight

Jesus is The Season
He is the only Reason

To have no fear
To celebrate Life and hearts of cheer

Thank you dear Jesus for the monumental save
Of the entire human race

As our glasses toast
And hostesses boast
While the twinkly lights shine
And we inevitably run out of time

May we honor You with a prayer
That without You, we wouldn’t be here

That it is You, we shall seek
Opening our hearts, allowing Your miracle-tweak


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Enjoy the moments of the Season!



2 thoughts on “Calming the Christmas Craze, 3 of 3

  1. Julie, so enjoyed reading you poem! Right on! We forget what it’s really all about. We need to remind our children and talk about it through out the year as well so they understand completely that Christmas is about Christ. It’s not about the gifts and shopping and being bored and always needing to be entertained. This happens all through the year but stands out so much more at Christmas time.

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