What is F.B.S.? Hint: It is not a medical condition or sold in a pharmacy…

8 thoughts on “What is F.B.S.? Hint: It is not a medical condition or sold in a pharmacy…”

  1. Thank you Julie! I needed to be reminded of this today! As I have family drama and add busyness and add holiday stuff too! I just told my friend I need to get in the habit of getting in Gods word more (like a habit,not just when I remember)! Thank you for doing Gods will! You have blessed me! 💙 Bridget

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    1. His timing always rocks! Yes and holiday time is a big reason for full brains. Breathe, pray about your day, and enjoy the moments! I thank you for your comments and letting me know this post helped. Blessings, dear Bridget, Julie


  2. I am so sorry I can not “Like” your comments since I don’t have an account with WordPress. I read your blogs faithfully and can honestly say – THIS ONE SPOKE SO LOUDLY TO ME!!!! Please continue sharing and lifting us up in the Word as you do. I look forward to your blogs.

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    1. No worries, Debbie. Your comments here let me and others know if the writing is helpful. From this end, I am thankful to Our Lord for leading me with these thoughts and images to share. Enjoy the day He made and your Ugly Sweater Party!


  3. I loved this! It was lighthearted, funny, true, and filled with wisdom! Yes, we women need to band together against FBS with God in the center of our thoughts and lives! Thanks, Julie.

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