What is F.B.S.? Hint: It is not a medical condition or sold in a pharmacy…

Some days I struggle with F.B.S. I have not seen a doctor. What I have is a busy brain. My dear friend refers to her plentiful thoughts as head traffic. I suffer from Full Brain Syndrome, as it includes the way I act and think.

My behavior can mimic our friends, the squirrels. Roaming from room to room, I forget why I moved in the first place. Mostly, though, it zaps my memory.

Last night we began decorating the house, and wonder filled my soul as sugar plums danced in my head. This morning I found the stocking holders bought on clearance last year. I remembered those, but the new stockings proudly displaying our first initials were a surprise. I only hope I paid after-Christmas prices for those…

F.B.S. strikes short-term memory, too.

• Have you ever been in your car and found a dishrag on your shoulder?
• Have you looked desperately for keys all around your house when they were in your hand the whole time?
• How about leaving for an overnight with your husband and totally not packing your makeup?



I can hear your sympathy. Poor woman. She needs a break or someone to talk to or something.

While you are being sympathetic, I am trying to rouse comradery.

You are not alone! Sisters with F.B.S., this post is for you, too.

So what causes brains with barely room to breathe? Women are said to be wonderful at multi-tasking, but one can only take so much before an alarm sounds -or your pasta boils over.

Motherhood, work and marriage…or balancing it all, and don’t forget about finding yourself. I am most certain there are many causes of F.B.S. not listed here.

The solution? Lists are helpful but not a whole solution. Scurrying to achieve as much as possible and STILL forgetting something is not recommended either.

For me, pursuing God has had the single most effect on reducing the full brain I used to juggle daily.

Faith can grow like wildfire when you seek Him. To be near to Him, I pray: silently, while I wash dishes, when I meditate with a verse, as I eat lunch with my son in his school cafeteria.


The amount of prayer changes each day, but it is every day I want to put Jesus first. Almost immediately, the distractions attack. Some are necessary like the never-ending question: what am I going to make for dinner? Then come the pressures from the world.

Pulling us like a big rubber band with Jesus on one end, and forces unseen on the other, our minds battle in the midst of the clutter. It could be the nagging, inflamed muscle that screams while you try to sleep. Or maybe you have family drama around the holidays that pilfers joy. Could it be merely a song that triggers past bitterness in your heart? For me, social media is the occasional culprit…distracting, overwhelming and not always life-giving.

“Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable-if anything is excellent or praiseworthy-think about such things” (NLT Study Bible 2008, Phillipians 4:8).

Ladies, allow your relationship with God to fill your heart. You will come away refreshed with a more Spirit-led mind. Amazingly, your thoughts can be more clear and more loving following prayer.

Dear Lord,
We praise You for Your power to change our lives. We give you all the clutter from our minds today. We ask You to help us replace those thoughts that tear us and others down with Your Truth and Your unfailing love. We don’t know how to properly thank You for all You do for us. We love that You stay with us while we learn to let go and let You work in our lives.
In Jesus name,

TODAY I WILL ANNOUNCE TWO WINNERS OF THE HOLIDAY BLOG CONTEST. Join me at 11am http://www.Facebook.com/JulieDibbleChristianSpeakerandAuthor for the live announcement.
Enjoy the day He made, and I pray you are able to find your keys!


8 thoughts on “What is F.B.S.? Hint: It is not a medical condition or sold in a pharmacy…

  1. Thank you Julie! I needed to be reminded of this today! As I have family drama and add busyness and add holiday stuff too! I just told my friend I need to get in the habit of getting in Gods word more (like a habit,not just when I remember)! Thank you for doing Gods will! You have blessed me! 💙 Bridget

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    • His timing always rocks! Yes and holiday time is a big reason for full brains. Breathe, pray about your day, and enjoy the moments! I thank you for your comments and letting me know this post helped. Blessings, dear Bridget, Julie


  2. I am so sorry I can not “Like” your comments since I don’t have an account with WordPress. I read your blogs faithfully and can honestly say – THIS ONE SPOKE SO LOUDLY TO ME!!!! Please continue sharing and lifting us up in the Word as you do. I look forward to your blogs.

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    • No worries, Debbie. Your comments here let me and others know if the writing is helpful. From this end, I am thankful to Our Lord for leading me with these thoughts and images to share. Enjoy the day He made and your Ugly Sweater Party!


  3. I loved this! It was lighthearted, funny, true, and filled with wisdom! Yes, we women need to band together against FBS with God in the center of our thoughts and lives! Thanks, Julie.

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