The Christmas Child in All of Us, 2 of 3

Have you ever wanted to do something crazy but stopped yourself due to self-consciousness, that infamous What will others think of me? I should qualify crazy with physically safe for all involved.

I recall our Braedon who is now twelve. When I brought him to meet his kindergarten teacher before the school year began, he was dancing in her room to the ABC’s. Dancing, swaying his body and jamming his arms and legs every which way. I looked at his teacher and said, “I hope he doesn’t ever get self-conscious.” She, a mother of three, said “He will.” And surely he did.

Braedon may have stopped dancing, but he zones in where it counts. My husband recently caught him teaching and caring. Crazy may be overrated anyway.


There’s no doubt I have had seasons in my life where I have held back, not expressed myself fully. However, there has always been something special about the Christmas season, even before I fully understood the meaning beyond Santa.

The difference in the holiday air was license for me to wear a silly red hat with a white pom -pom on the end. Groups of people gather to sing, so when I joined “Jingle Bells” my struggling voice would not stand out. The first time I ever went caroling was in middle school. My mom dropped me off to go around with an unlucky teacher and some of my girlfriends. Wow! It was quite the rush being able to sing at the top of my lungs in front of people who smiled wide. Tough to tell if they loved the singing or just felt special for the visit. Either way, I learned December was the only time of year you can get away with such folly.

Yesterday, I show up for my walk with my friend. Granted she was my only audience, but that you see, was the point. I put on my festive earmuff’s and told her I look for opportunities to wear these. With a moderately amused smile, she says, “Well, I’m proud to be out here with ya.” We walked without pretense and talked without barriers, sharing…connecting.


It is in the air. It is all around us. Billboards boast baby Jesus, humble houses line their usual leaf-filled gutters with twinkly lights, and you don’t have to go very far to see some Spirit-filled patron sporting a Santa hat.

Magic, love, presents, “the most wonderful time of year”…

Then, like the Magi, we can simply look up to celebrate.

With Jesus, there is always awe. In any season there is an intangible, holy, life-changing relationship waiting for us.

If you are blessed with knowing Jesus, perhaps you can join me in thinking like a child. You know, clear our minds from daily stressed and responsibilities. And wonder…ask ourselves these questions with innocence, leaving our defenses behind.

Can you think of a grumpy person, a lonely person, a misguided person?

Once you have them in mind, can you think of something to cause their teeth to show in a joyful grin?

Maybe it’s simply donning earmuffs (mine are available for loan), or maybe you join the kids on your own sled, make a phone call, drop a handwritten letter in the mail, a look of understanding…

We are not the heart-changers. Jesus is. We have this God-given opportunity to impact another life, taking full advantage of the fact that people may be more accepting in the Christmas season of random acts of kindness and the spreading of good cheer.

Have a merry time thinking outside the adult box of should’s. Be a kid again. Be free to dance, sing and join with others this season.
I would love to hear from you. If you have any questions about Jesus, feel free to ask! If you had the opportunity to play, that would be great to hear, too. Feel free to leave comments and share!
Be watching for part 3 of this series…


2 thoughts on “The Christmas Child in All of Us, 2 of 3

  1. OK, now THIS one is my favorite!!!!! I have to say, not knowing exactly why, reading this made tears well up in my eyes and slowly trickle down my cheeks. Beautifully written Julie. Beautifully written.

    Liked by 1 person

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