Taking Stock of Our Souls: Poetry to Prepare for the New Year, 1 of 3

All the should’s in a line
Standing at attention, keeping good time

What a mess, you SHOULD have…
You said what? You SHOULD have…

Beginning their military march in our heads
Mission-purpose to kill, leaving other thoughts dead

You, you, you
Should be, should say, should feel
You, you, you
Pointing the arrow far, far away from what is real

Who are we in these should’s?
Aren’t there just as many could’s?

With Him, our maker and redeemer
We have become, we are believers

Please, Lord, knock down the should soldiers
Sweep with a wave of Your holy hand
When we have a should-hangover
We trust Spirit to love, correct and command

We belong to You, who rules and judges
Not with haste, but with fairness-
The old us, with the dirty smudges and bitter grudges
No longer needs the enemy, in his diluted awareness


Looking to You…
In the sky, on your throne
Choose to accept our hearts as your home
Where Love now lives
Where Your power freely gives
Reassurance and perseverance
For the heavenly race
on ground covered in Your grace
Where You lead and prompt and reaffirm
And we are loved, accepted with forgiveness confirmed.

In this walk
We are free
From destructive self-talk
Because You, Our Lord, have won us eternal victory.


Thank you for visiting my blog today. Isn’t it amazing how we are all connected? If this issue of should’s is not yours, then I bet you can think of a friend or a sister who struggles. Share as your heart leads and feel free to let me know what your struggles are. Perhaps its is something I can write about.  Check back tomorrow for another poetic spirit lift! ~Julie


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