What Moments Will You Keep from 2016?


At the start of a new year, everyone rallies around new goals and choosing themes and words. Perhaps you, too, have been involved in this hub-bub the past week or so. Maybe you have already announced your word or goal on Facebook.

Me? I have been dragging my feet. To be honest, I have not assigned one word to describe each year … ever. I used to set new goals in the form of making major changes in my life around December. In the past, the new year would beckon me with opportunity for change, to interrupt the stagnant feeling of unrest.

You certainly have my permission to use more than one word if one does not seem adequate. Goals are helpful. Just be sure to be realistic. I tend to inflate my abilities when setting goals. The draw for me is to Go Big or Go Home. When circumstances, motivation and available support do not coincide … I am faced with changing my lofty goals, interrupting this glorious momentum. Self-doubt creeps in, and soon my new year is a familiar mental fiasco with a different date.

So, how am I rolling into 2017?

Slowly and quietly. I am not busting in announcing my arrival with a megaphone.

Prayerfully. I am asking Him to help me follow His lead. (He and I both know sometimes I find myself way ahead of Him, usually in some sort of mess.)

Thankfully. My marriage has been under stress this past Fall. It was nice to just be together without fancy plans over the holidays to remember who we are as husband and wife in this life.

The following 2016 moments I want to hold in my heart:

• Our Braedon who is coming to embrace how God made him. When describing a situation at middle school, he recently said, “There are some advantages to being quiet.”

• Our Jackson who is very competitive and sports-oriented was called to task by me to write 15 things for which he is thankful. Shame on me for assuming our 10 year old would focus on things. Instead, he listed family, God, school, sports, summer break and others I would not have expected. Jackson shed a couple tears while telling me not all kids have school in other countries. I could write a whole post just about this 

• Our marriage found its way again. After such distance and each person focusing on self instead of other, we submitted to God and to each other. Savoring this reconnection, I wanted to stay a little longer in 2016.

Nonetheless, I welcome 2017. My January calendar is mostly filled with purposeful meetings and blocks of time for writing. As I seek Him, my heart is open wide for heavenly intervention, whatever that may be.
How about you? What are you keeping from 2016? How will 2017 be different than the last or other years?
Yesterday I made an announcement on Facebook for the 2017 blog. In case you missed it, 2017 will be the year to celebrate story with all its glorious discoveries and testimonies to God. Each month, at least one other person (besides myself) will share her story here on my blog. I cannot wait to see who God brings! Feel free to leave any thoughts in the comments or find me on Facebook. http://www.Facebook.com/JulieDibbleChristianSpeakerandAuthor


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