Hope for the Blue, A Poem for Police Families

usa-1491725_1280Every bullet lands in someone’s backyard
Every life lost is someone’s father or husband

It’s scary, so close to home
We worry, we question

Holding the breath in our lungs
Seeking control, something to cling

While our LEO, our hero
Defends, apprehends, helps families make amends

All possible scenarios on their shifts
Danger, death, family violence

Lord, we come to You,
Wrought with fear, not knowing what to do

God, Our Father, sees into our weary souls
He says:

Come to Me, let Me hold you

The plans I have for LEO’s and their families
Are far-reaching and eternal

Actions and happenings on earth
I see, I track, my angels collect who is coming back
To life with Me
In all of Heaven’s glory
Where I am gathering my righteous army
No force of evil can reach

Be patient, persevere and pray
Stay with Me until the day
You see the light of eternity


Thank you for visiting today. I pray this poem touched your heart. Let’s share hope with others. You can comment and share here. Or I will post on my professional Facebook page: http://www.Facebook.com/JulieDibbleChristianSpeakerandAuthor



4 thoughts on “Hope for the Blue, A Poem for Police Families

  1. Thank you Julie for your continued posts. Please pray for my husband and I and our decisions we have to make regarding possibly switching churches. We made the mistake of hiring our current pastor to do a side job for us and it caused a lot of conflict, especially when we reviewed our security tapes. Please prayer find the right path to go on.

    God Bless,

    Jennifer (aka Josie) 😉

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    • Thank you Jennifer for being here. Yes, I will pray for you and our husband to be led to a church that fits well with your family’s needs ad is a safe place to be. Sorry to hear of your troubles. In His Love, Julie


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