Extra Grace for the Weary Mind

Welcome! As promised, our year of the story will kick off next Tuesday with a guest post. For today, another poem. There have been more police deaths this week, which weighs on my heart as children and spouses have suffered permanent losses. In my own home, we are continuing on our journey with health-related issues. I believe one of my first posts was about a trip to the emergency room upon complications following my husband’s surgery in August. He is still in physical therapy for the arm. Though, there have been other health concerns uncovered in his body during this process. This poem today is my surrender to the Lord. I pray the words will bless you in some way. Until I post again or He crosses our paths another way. ~Julie

Poem starts here:

Seeking His peace while praying on my knees
I imagine fluffy fat birds perched on bright winter berries


A gray blanket of nothing sky
Bare-to-the-bone trees reveal nests as I walk by


Footsteps suddenly slow
Not knowing which way to go

The shiny, slippy ice makes me afraid
Lord, where is your light to penetrate this shade


Fear paralyzes, leaving a blank mind
Lies flood, the eyes go blind

Lord, help! I cannot see
I took a wrong turn, focusing on me

Guide me to your feet at the Cross
Yes, please Lord, I am not willing to leave or take a loss

It is You who gives me strength and purpose
When all efforts fail, when the demons break loose

I wander when my mind is full
Of worry, selfish needs led by Satan’s powerful pull

You pointed to the path on which I will go,
Regain my sight, my ability to know

Thank you, dear Jesus, for telling me plain
That surrender to you removes the stain

Fresh again in Truth, Love and extra grace
Trusting I am made right when my heart seeks your Holy face


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