Waiting Amidst the Medical Unknowns: Biopsy Blessings

Welcome here! Make yourself at home, peeking around and starting conversation if your heart leads. Overall, this post is a chronicle of blessings during a stressful day. For many years, I did not know what a blessing was. Without hope, it is hard to see those things that fall smack in our laps from heaven. May your eyes see the blessings in store for you today. ~Julie

Biopsy Blessings:

The day finally arrived. Jason had nothing to eat or drink since 8:30pm the night before. God gave us the morning together. We relaxed on the couch to watch a movie. I have learned spending quiet time without conversation is a closeness that does not need words. Blessing number 1

At 11:30a, we put our pastor on speakerphone. He prayed for both us while Jason and I stood with our heads bowed to Our Lord. Blessing number 2, isn’t it always a blessing when someone prays for you?

Humbling ourselves in prayer in the car before entering the building, we simply asked for the doctor to collect enough tissue today (we understand the next step would be a surgery if this procedure does not prove fruitful).

Searching for the correct hospital entrance was tricky, knocked our peace a little off center.

After wandering into the neurology office, a nice office lady offered to call the main hospital. When she couldn’t get anyone on the phone, we wanted to leave. She took my cell number. Blessing number 3

As we settled into our seats in the main area, my phone rang. The nice woman from neurology followed up with us, making sure we found our way to the entrance. Same person, different Blessing number 4

Finally, the call to take the elevator up to the surgical floor. Jason left to be prepped for the procedure.

Soon, I was called into the room. There he lay in the hospital bed in that thin material flecked with odd-looking shapes.

What is it about that image? For me, it made my strong, broad husband look vulnerable, again.

This whole time I was not thinking surgery. This was a biopsy procedure.

As she sent me out, the nurse shot him up with sleepy drugs in his iv. I left the room uncomfortable that Jason had to have anesthesia but trusting the Lord to take care of him. Blessing number 5

Got coffee and some writing done. Blessing number 6

Childcare was on standby, pending the length of our stay. Contacted our neighbor who reported she would be at the bus for Jackson and stay until we got home.Blessing number 7

The screen on the wall showed me Jason was out of “surgery” and in recovery. A nurse collected me soon after that message posted.

“He was talking about superheroes, Spiderman, to be exact when he woke up.”


Ok, we can work with superheroes. Jesus is the best kind of superhero, Blessing number 8

Jason looked like someone who just had surgery. He was sleepy, a bit loopy, couldn’t drink or eat right away due to nausea. The scope went down his esophagus, and he could cough up some blood, they said. Blessing number 9 Jason was awake and alive.

We waited for the doctor for a loooong time. Though I knew Jason wasn’t ready to go home yet, I wanted the nurse to give us discharge instructions. That’s not how it works, though. Wait for the doctor…Blessing number 10 the nurse was pleasant and caring.

The doctor finally whisks into the room dressed in his street clothes. He was successful, he said, in getting 3 samples, one took a bigger needle, so there may be some blood [what we already heard]. The great news was no tumors seen on Jason’s lungs. Blessing number 11

The nurse was cleared to give our discharge: “So if he has any severe chest pain, you should call 911 right away. Because they were down there with sharp instruments, these first 24 hours are important. A possible effect is a collapsed lung…”

I will be honest. I stopped listening. I held my breath wherever it was in my airway, just made it stand still so I could think.

When I began to feel faint, I remembered breathing would help me process the information.

Really? This is the first we heard of a possible collapsed lung. What I wanted was a guarantee that Jason would rest throughout the night without a life-threatening trip to the er. We did that already after his last surgery, and it is not high on my to-do list. Life becomes fragile so quickly.

(Though I forgot it at the time. That first emergency room trip after his surgery led to the discovery something was awry in his lungs. Blessing number 11 1/2)

I did not speak His name. I did not close my eyes to pray. I wallowed for a few minutes to myself.


Take heart everyone. We are human. When our mind wanders away from the cross, He waits with His loving eternal arms for you to find your way back.

Thank you, dear mighty Lord,

Thank you that Jason did rest that night and did not have a collapsed lung from the biopsy procedure. Lord, you know the outcome of the biopsy.

I don’t want to ask for too much, Lord, but I don’t want to ask for too little.

I surrender our lives to You. You birthed us. You will greet us after our death. Please I pray for Jason to have something treatable, something that can go away.

I know it is your will on earth as it is in heaven. Please keep Jesus, our Super Savior, at the ready, Lord. We need you.

I love you,




4 thoughts on “Waiting Amidst the Medical Unknowns: Biopsy Blessings

    • May this be a reminder to myself with potentially difficult days ahead. Like I mentioned, I believe sometimes God leads me to write so He can teach and correct. More about that later. Blessings upon you and your children, Julie


  1. Thank you for sharing the vulnerable places of your heart and Jason’s willingness also. Your seeing, stumbling and being swooped up and held again is the picture of relentless Grace. Thank you

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