FBS Revisited: Celebrating Moms with Full Brains




It’s been awhile since I felt laid back enough to have some fun here. I didn’t realize when I started blogging that each week I would be writing whatever stared at me in the mirror, wrinkles and all.
Truth is I take my leading from Jesus during prayer. So sometimes I am as surprised as you are what shows up here.
Jesus knows we need a lighter mood this week.
If you have children outside of your womb living in your space, you probably suffer from FBS (Full Brain Syndrome, read original post here:

https://www.juliedibblewrites.wordpress.com/2016/12/03/what-is-f-b-s-hint-it-is-not-a-medical-condition-or-sold-in-a-pharmacy/ )
• Have you forgotten about the class cupcakes until the morning they were due?
• Have you been pulled over by a kind police officer concerned about your speed but says, “You seem to be a bit distracted.”?
• Have you plum forgotten about an appointment, or two?

Then you are in good company.

Ladies, it is with the utmost trust in God that I share with you that life sometimes flashes by.

Then, boom!

Time passed, something was missed, and I am left dumbfounded, at least for a few minutes.

Is life really that busy OR do our brains shrink after having children?

Do I need prescription glasses OR do I just need to pay closer attention to life’s small print?

God can be the just interruption we need:
“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10

You have time to read this one little verse in a day, right?
And then you zip to baseball practice, finish correcting papers and try to remember your husband’s name.
In my experience, if we don’t absorb a lesson presented by God the first time, He will chase us down.

Because He is infinitely bigger than us, He can see through all our hurry-up messes.

You might hear a still small voice, “Keep your eyes on Jesus.”

Then the nudge …to take a break for ten small minutes and think about Him.

How could that change your day?

• You could be refueled by the Author of Faith. Matthew 11:28

• A passion could spark inside of you. Matthew 4:19

• You could emerge feeling clean, loved and new. Ephesians 4:6

I try to begin and end my day with Jesus.

In between, when I feel my chest tighten or my head swirl, I have been practicing deep breaths. Inhaling Jesus and exhaling all the loud distractions [4th grade common core math, governmental mistakes, evil doings in grave sites, to name a few].

Because the one thing I can do is pray.

When my day gets ahead of me …
When the kids’ needs multiply in front of my eyes …
When its 5pm and I haven’t thought of dinner …

Be encouraged to pray anytime of day.

It is simply the spoken or unspoken conversation with Our Almighty Powerful Lord who can be our main support when we draw near.


What has helped you on your craziest mom days?

Any blog topics you want to see here?
I would love to hear your thoughts.

Feel free to leave comments here, or follow me on social media:

Look Up, Let Love and Be a Light
XoXo Julie


4 thoughts on “FBS Revisited: Celebrating Moms with Full Brains

  1. I have found, the more time I give God, the more capacity I have for the things He calls me to do and to be. His list is always much shorter than the one that rolls around in my head. And when I take time to ask and to sit, He shows me how the fullness of what I’m chasing is nothing compared to the fullness He offers me.

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    • Love your heart Jen. Thank you for being here. I experience something similar when I do my early mornings with Our Lord. However, I still need much of His wisdom to tailor my ministry for Him. Blessings, Julie


  2. Thanks Julie! I have FBS today and everyday lately with lots of changes coming in our lives, starting with a new job I will be starting in a couple of weeks.

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