When Self Worth Suffers


log-258817__340Maybe the medical receptionist was rude. She said hello to everyone by name except you. Or perhaps you posted something on Facebook and not one person liked it. Then there are days it seems all the moms in the universe have peace, and you don’t.

Like the trunk of a solid tree, my feet stand on His cornerstone.

Why do I feel dips in my worth as a person, as one of His?

When I feel left out or unimportant, have I lost confidence in God?

Sometimes we allow our past to dictate our present.

Perhaps growing up, we lacked self-confidence at a gut level because there just was not enough love pouring into our pre-adolescent selves.

For me, it didn’t take much to crack the foundation on which I stood.

My large nose and braces, the fact that nobody asked me to a dance, and my overwhelming sense of responsibility made me feel different than others.

Nobody could possibly be attracted to me.

I navigated through middle school,  high school and even the entire decade of my 20’s with a deep down sense in my soul that I wasn’t good enough for anyone, not even myself.

Other families had more money, married parents, more happy faces and laughter. Many other girls had long-term boyfriends who kept them company. Clearly, there was something wrong with me.


I thought I was past that, though.

For three years, I have intentionally followed my God in Heaven who says this:

Ephesians 2:10:
For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us new in Christ Jesus so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.

My life went from dark to light when I found Hope in Jesus.

Without a doubt, I trust My Savior loves me … sometimes something happens that touches a sensitive nerve. Exposed, I drop my guard … I lose confidence in myself at His throne. My eyes get confused, not knowing where to look. My rubies fall to the floor.

1: John 4:19:
We love because he first loved us.

His love is unconditional, without limit, without blame, without deceit.

We can’t ever mess that up.

He just asks that we seek Him.

The way I seek Him is to look up, think about Him, sometimes pray, sometimes not.

Then I lay my mess at His feet.


I tell Him all about how I lost my way and instead of putting Him first …I got sucked into looking for validation in all the wrong places and I forgot … whether for a moment or longer … I forgot who I belong to.

Our Lord hears and knows Satan has interfered.

He piles grace on top of grace. [John 1:16]

His perfect love makes no mistakes when it rains down on you.

Please join me in fervent prayer:

Dear Gracious Father in Heaven,

You are so patient with us. Your ways of teaching us are amazing, Lord.

Today, we pray for all ages of people who are tangled in past and/or present chains of not feeling good enough. Thank you for sending your Son Jesus to die for our freedoms.

We are  very much in need a Savior.

Please bless all of us Lord, who get caught in seeking human validation. We humbly ask that You wrap your eternal arms around each of Your children, the lost and the saved. We pray that you turn their faces to You and gently left their veils, so they may see You glorified here on Earth … so they will know to take Your road that is heart-filling and worthwhile.

Lord, I pray we hear your whisper …
that we are made in Your image
that we are loved and valued
and cherished by the Holy You
for it is safe to assume you cherish us because nothing, not evil or demons, can separate us from your ends-of-the-earth love. [Romans 8:38]

Please instill unshakable trust in us Lord that even if nobody on earth has fought to love us, You will.

In your blessed holy name.



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Have a blessed week and Look Up, Let Love and Be a Light.

In His Love,





6 thoughts on “When Self Worth Suffers

  1. I loved reading this blog today. Middle and High School were some hard times. I can relate to this and felt the same way, at that age. The Lord got us through. He works wonders. Another great blog and keep up the wonderful work.

    Liked by 1 person

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