Expect the Unexpected with God

10 thoughts on “Expect the Unexpected with God”

  1. I love having a friend willing to call me out in my junk, and then stand with me as I figure out what to do with it. It’s a wise person who listens to rebuke (my paraphrase of Prov 15:31😊).

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    1. Jen, sorry about the inconvenience of being locked out, but then I may have never known you related to the onion!!! Sometimes my brain gets far away from myself. Yes, shedding expectations is hard but definitely doable with our gracious Jesus. Love that He puts in touch with others so we can walk alongside Him together!


    1. Thank you for being here Sharon and for your kind words. Yes, Spirit guides me to show and tell from my life. I am never quite sure myself what will be written, but am learning to lean into that unknown and trust. God bless you and your family, Sharon.

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  2. Another great writing! I enjoyed the reference, of a onion. It is so true. I love the verse Isaiah 55:8. We learned this verse, many years ago, in youth group. It brought back so many memories. Thank you.

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  3. God’s timing is always perfect. In a week, and a day, my job of seven years comes to end. It was unexpected to be told the horse barn was going to close for renovating. For me, God is peeling back the onion layer to expose the next adventure.

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