Letter to Social Media


Dear Social Media,

Thank you for your worldwide presence and ability to connect people in need of support and prayer. If it weren’t for you, I may have never connected with my cousin who found me on Facebook after we lost touch for many years.

Sometimes, though, my heart gets heavy as I scroll through people’s angst and self-advertisements. I, myself, have been tempted too many times … to help all who are in need and to seek approval from others.

I have chosen to swallow the cold, hard truth that my pride is associated with my overly helpful self and the part of me who wants accolades.

Jesus is a compassionate Teacher.

He affirms who I am and my purpose when I am in doubt.

Because He knows all, He guides me to set limits on how much time I spend with you.

Looking up to the sky, not down to my phone, keeps me connected with my Lord.


Though you have the potential to be a soul-filling place all the time, are you aware of the amount of temptation that exists?

Huge competitions for attention take place right under your nose.

No offense, Social Media, but if ever given the choice, I will choose to be with a person rather than message them.

Natural smiles speak volumes about a person’s heart. The depth of true joy, or pain, is lost in a still photo.

With your video option, more whole representations of people can be shared.

I am a strong believer in connecting with others through our life stories. We have little idea on this earth how God orchestrates all of that.

I know my story of finding my cousin is one of many, many Jesus victories that have taken place online. New friendships, support groups, marriages, funds for tragic situations, and addresses shared for ill and grieving people who need hand-written cheer … just to name a few.

There’s no doubt you host noble and praiseworthy things.

So, do you pray each day, Social Media?

Just curious.

I do.

I will continue to pray for people to look to Jesus, even if they find Him because of you.

However, I have concerns, too.

There is harm you have allowed, you know? Inviting ways to divide people rather than unite them and harboring hateful posts, again, just to name a few.

I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you, I am praying for every individual who posts or reads on Social Media. I pray they know their worth in Jesus. I pray they feel boldness to speak life-giving messages. I pray they use that same boldness to leave or delete Social Media when it becomes hurtful.

I pray overall for their physical, emotional and spiritual safety.

Social Media, our God is bigger than you and possesses an all-encompassing power that can impact our world anytime.

Please respect your space in His Kingdom.

In His Love and Service,



Thank you for being here, readers! What did you think of this letter? I would love to hear. Comment here if you have other things to say to or about social media.

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6 thoughts on “Letter to Social Media

  1. I love this! Social Media can be overwhelming and I am one those, that has taken a break from Facebook. I have honestly felt less stress, since I made this decision. It consumed to much time. Time that I could be praying or reading my Bible. I love the timing of this blog and keep up the great work, Julie!

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    • Thank you so much for your feedback Christa. I am so glad you feel less stress since taking the break from Facebook. I need to keep walking with Jesus to keep me honest about my time spent there because as a speaker and a writer, it is necessary. Have an awesome day!


  2. Amen! Social Media has been a blessing in that it has provided of forum for me to reconnect with old friends and family. But it has equally been a curse, making me too aware of negativity, and the inner heart of many that I could have gone without knowing. I love your letter.

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    • Thank you so much for being here today. Yes, I agree in the many blessings and unfortunately the darkness that appears in others or ourselves as we spend time there. It is important in so many ways to consider our role on social media. May you receive blessings today from above, no matter how they fall!


  3. I LOVE this, Julie! I have officially quit Facebook since December 7th and have been SO much happier without it. I can’t imagine going back. I did keep the Messenger app, though. I am currently in therapy and my therapist has me reading, The Search for Significance. I have a very real problem with perfection and how I “appear” to everyone. It’s a cross between the upper class Southern culture I was raised around, and my mother, but God is changing me! Praise the Lord! Your ministry constantly speaks to me. Thank you!

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    • Thank you so much for being here Kelly. I am glad God leads you to words which speak to you. He is just like that, knowing what we need when we need it. Sounds like He is very pleased with you, leaning into Him as He works to remove the old patterns. I love to hear of others’ journeys because Jesus always wins! Thank you for sharing with me. Have a blessed rest of Saturday, Julie


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