Navigating Through Self-Doubt

Welcome to the place where I share my journey in this life.

I am amazed daily at Our God and His power. The purpose for my writing is to glorify Him and to connect with others who experience struggle and need hope.
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Now onto that thorn in our flesh … self-doubt:

I tend to immediately deem any of my negative thoughts the work of Satan. After all, he is our enemy, never to be redeemed by God. Stirring up trouble is his miserable life.


Isn’t it possible, though, some self-doubts that march like an army in our minds are sent by Our Father in Heaven?
Navigating through uncertainty can be unnerving. That sweet balance inside of you when everything works well together: your memory, your creativity, your parenting and spouse wisdom … then wham the surprise attack … or the slow belly-invading crawl into your most esteemed self-confidence.

  • After two strike-outs, you bite your nails as you watch your son grimace in self-doubt as he swings the bat again.
  • Has indecision overcome you as you open your closet to choose your outfit for the interview … for the meeting … for the date?
  • Has writer’s block assumed a whole new meaning in your life with a blank screen persisting for weeks?

    Self-doubt spurs questions that invade with pointed spears at your worth, where you used to feel capable.

    What if I can’t do …?

    Will I ever be able to … ?

    Recently, in my writing critique group, doubts flooded my mind. The past couple months my writing submitted to this group has been mediocre at best. This particular day I struggled to find words to provide feedback to my faithful fellow writers. Our job is to critique each other, and I felt less able to help than ever before.

    My writing ability had been shaken in the last three weeks by several of these types of letters: “Thank you for your submission, but we are sorry to tell you we cannot publish it at this time.”


    Where do you draw strength to try again, use mistakes for learning and keep persevering?

Colossians 1:11

We also pray that you will be strengthened with all his glorious power so you will have all the endurance and patience you need.

Jesus beckoned me after that critique group. He whispered, “I will provide what you need.”

How did He know I was struggling? Oh, right, He knows all.

“Is that why sometimes we flounder and feel so unsure of ourselves, so we will turn to you?” I ask in a child-like inquisitive manner.

In our deepest dips in doubt, He is the Beacon of Hope.

He is the bread of life, blessing us with skills, thoughts and words to equip.

He is the living water filling our dry doubt-full souls with a love so big we cannot know its end or its beginning.

John 6:35

Jesus replied, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never be hungry again. Whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.”

Dear Friends, I do not proclaim to know God’s will or the exact purpose of His ways. What I do know is when I am lost, He appears in my mind as I can almost see Him.
Humbled again and again, I turn my whole self to Him and pray to The One who Knows all.

Dear Lord in Heaven,
Praises for Your endless patience and forgiveness as we get tied up in our flesh. We struggle to stay on top of things and be the best possible at everything.
Lord, thank you for loving us. Thank you for being so available that we can call on You anytime for strength, comfort and the confidence … not in ourselves, but in You, Our Provider, to give us what we need when we need it.
You provide for the birds, and the ants and the amoeba. You equip us to carry out good works in Your Kingdom.
And whatever happens to shake us, we pray you will remind us to trust, beyond a shadow of any type of doubt.
In Your Holy Name we pray,



Stories of self-doubt? Ways you dealt with it? I would love to hear about your experience. Feel free to comment here. I respond to all comments within 24 hours!

Or, you can hunt me down on social media.

Have a blessed rest of your day,




2 thoughts on “Navigating Through Self-Doubt

  1. Julie! I love your writings and this particular perspective on self-doubt. This has been an area I’ve been struggling to understand as I’ve heard God’s call in certain areas yet have had doors closed. Was I not good enough? Did God give up on me? God recently brought Moses to mind and so I began reading about his call in the beginning of Exodus. I quickly realized why- Moses doubted his abilities to free the Israelites, he heard many no’s, and his ministry spanned decades! God’s response to Moses’ doubt had guided me lately- God kept telling Moses He would be with him. It wasn’t about Moses, it was about God. And maybe it’s not about self-doubt, but God-doubt. Just some thoughts my mind has been marinating on!

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    • Hello there! Thank you for your encouraging words. They are confirmation from God to keep listening to Him about what to blog. Thank you, too, for sharing your perspective. The more I learn about the origin of sin, the more I realize our flesh so strongly wants to be in power, direct our lives and others. Then self-doubt comes when we realize we cant do it on our own. So, yes to God-doubt. Praying right now for Christ to indwell further and deeper in us. Rest well this evening! In His love, Julie

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