When Stress Crowds the Spirit

Welcome to the place where I share my stories of Him. My prayer is that He will move your hearts toward Him as you take it all in. Today is the day I will announce the winners of the Follow My Blog contest. If you are a winner, you will receive an email from me, celebrating and asking for your address. If you are OK with me announcing your name on social media, that would be helpful to know, too.
This post is about Stress Crowding the Spirit. If you have any specific topics you would like to see here, leave a comment or hunt me down on Facebook: https://facebook.com/jdibble4Him
Enjoy this day He made for us!

When Stress Crowds the Spirit:


Recently, I emailed a friend for prayer. Progressively, my quiet time with the Lord had become crowded.

Notes about writing

Stacks of books not completely read

Family calendar in my planning brain twirling and swirling … baseball, PSSA’s, meals, dentist, laundry, blog, book, book and the book!

From a serious lack of joy & patience & gentleness to urgency & a lack of accomplishment.

In my email request for prayer, I wrote:

My stress has bled into prayer, instead of allowing Jesus to bleed into me.

Somewhere in my heart travels, my flesh and His Spirit split in two. There was little connection, no communion, just a pile of stuff needing my attention on the flesh side and Jesus waiting patiently on the other.


When I realized my blunder, I wanted to leave the earthly unattended things and run to Jesus.

That’s exactly what I did.

“I shall run the way of Your commandments, for You will enlarge my heart.” (Psalm 119:32)

Nearly one week later, I read Carole Spark’s blog post:


God halted me down and gave me her concept of addiction to conviction to ponder.

Am I wandering from this blog post to that one?

Some days, the answer is yes.

I blog-hop. Do you?

I like seeing how others glorify Him and appreciate the information offered. And sometimes my sole purpose in reading others is to encourage the writers.

Writers need other writers to speak life when the going gets tough.

In fact, we ALL need spiritual supporters, can I get an Amen and a shout out to Toby Mac?

In her post, Carole talks about intentional prayer before reading other blogs/articles. I will expand this idea to include surfing the various social media sites.

Whether you write or sell things online or just have lots of social connections, sound guidance tailored for you is available from Our Holy Creator.

He knows His work is not done in His precious sons and daughters. Do we?

He knows what knowledge we need to do His Kingdom work. Do we?

He knows when we need to relax and experience joy. Do we?

Like liquid spilled over handwritten notes, stress smears patience and joy.

Close the gap between flesh and Spirit with this moment’s prayer across your lips.

Dear Jesus,

We could never praise you enough, Lord. Let us do that now. You are Mighty, You are Eternal, Your power overwhelms us because we cannot describe it. We thank You for those times we are privileged to feel or witness your awesome power. Lord, you amaze us.

You know us better than we know ourselves. Please divinely direct our attention to Your plans for us today. Lord, we submit to You.
In Your Holy Name,



12 thoughts on “When Stress Crowds the Spirit

  1. God’s timing is perfect! I’m going into a job interview today! I only want what He wants, and need to remember to rest in Him and allow the Holy Spirit to be my guide. So no need to stress- no need to fear- I pray the interviewer sees JESUS in me and not any stress! Then I think, “Won’t a job just push Him out?” This I don’t want!!!! So my biggest prayer is this He would make it clear to me the path I am to take this season!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well my dear, I am still surprised by His sovereignty. I guess we shall never take that for granted! Praying for you now. I would not have seen this comment but I was on here collecting names for the contest!!!! Blessings, Julie


    • Thank you for being here, Wendy. Yes! Music has its own way speaking, doesn’t it? I think I will join you today in finding this song on youtube. It is a blessing from above to be connected with writers and speakers who honor Him. Be well today! Julie

      Liked by 1 person

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