My First Sunrise Service in His Sun

Before my story begins, a note to my readers: Whether you are here for the first time or have been visiting each week, my hope is that you find, hear, feel or see Jesus somewhere in these words. To a new follower, I recently said not every post will speak to you, but keep seeking! Thank you for being here today. Now, back to my story ….



In talking with my pastor friend about Easter sunrise service where he would be speaking, I was surprised it was outdoor.

My heart leapt.

Falling in love with Jesus has brought me so much closer to nature.

On his listening end, the pastor was taken aback I had never attended an outdoor service such as this.

When you have a relatively short Christian journey, you get the privilege of walking through many “firsts”.

Thus far, the only time I went to a sunrise service with my father-in-law and mother-in-law, it took place inside their small church.

Images flashed in my mind’s eye.

Filling my lungs with the twinge of cool in the break-of-day air, I could feel His presence.

Our Lord nudged me, “Go.”

Stunned, I pray I stay in awe of Him each and every day.

Easter morning, I arrived with my expectant soul. I could not wait to be in His midst.

His sun had already peeked, though the morning was still dim from night. The muted sky was fitting as the Pastor spoke about how we follow Jesus through Holy week.

Even though most of us know His death is coming, we remain in wait as if we were there with Him. Both eerie and awesome, we stand by Him knowing our lives will change.

Confused, His disciples struggled to understand they would see Him again. In love and loyalty for His Lord, Peter lopped off the soldier’s ear (John 18:10, NLT Study Bible).

Without judgement, He hushed Peter with His obedience to the Holy plan (John 18:11, NLT Study Bible).

Jesus walked to His death knowing darkness would come over Him … the same darkness that will never know inside Heaven’s gate.

As the Pastor continued to bring forth His glory telling of His risen life, Light shone.


Peace washed over me in His quiet where His birds chirped, “Alleluia!” for their Morning Star.

I couldn’t help but look up. His trees stood tall and confident, knowing He breathes life into all things.

And the cross … an intersection of sin and freedom, of death and life.



Gratefulness moves my fingers to type these words to describe my full heart of Jesus.

Have you ever attended sunrise service? I would love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to start a conversation in the comments below.
Please consider sharing this post. Only God knows who needs these words today.
Check back Thursday for my guest Misty Dollard, an energetic woman of faith!

Have a blessed Tuesday!

In His Love and Light,



2 thoughts on “My First Sunrise Service in His Sun

  1. I have never attended a sunrise service. Most likely due to the fact I’m allergic to mornings (Ok, not a real thing but that’s how it feels) and would require an insane amount of coffee🤣 Your experience sounds amazing though. Maybe with enough java juice, I can try it next year.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You are funny, Misty. I definitely had two large cups of coffee before I went on my God adventure Easter morning. Keep me posted if you try it. Would love to hear how God works in and around you. Blessings, Julie


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