Wisdom: A Boy and His Haircut

Welcome! Posting this Monday to begin our week on the right foot. Somehow wisdom is sweeter when it comes from your younger son.

A little note before my story begins. Thank you for all who comment here on the blog! I enjoy reading them, and they are encouragement for me to keep putting words in sentences for God to use. I want you all to know I am becoming more intentional about speaking directly from my heart, both in the posts and in the comments. As I said before, my writing style varies and can be more reflective at times. Just know I appreciate all of you who follow/visit and want to speak to YOU with my writing!


I was proud of Jackson for so many things on this trip. Not for getting his hair cut. He had done that many times before. This was the first time in a super long time we went to a stylist, though. My husband had been buzz-cutting his blonde hair leaving a smooth peach fuzz effect for the last several years.

Let’s face it. It is economical, and he is an athlete. The less hair on a sweaty boy, the better.

Within the past month or so, Jackson has been spending more time in the mirror. Turning his face from side to side, and pushing his short bangs over.

“Mom, can I go to Sports Clips instead of Dad cutting my hair?”

Pained by the thought of adding another thing to our budget, I tried to understand.

“Buddy, why don’t we let Dad do it now since you are still in baseball season?”

His youthful blue eyes looked down. During the pause, I can see in my mind’s eye Jackson snooping at himself in the mirror.

I have been walking with Jesus in surrender of everything, even my boys. He is teaching me how letting go means more abundant life and more peace.

“Ok, Jackson, I will take you tomorrow.”

Tomorrow turned into the day after. Thankful baseball was canceled last night.

My mom instincts told me to prep him. Jackson had a specific idea about how he wanted his hair cut. We looked for a picture when we arrived, but nothing seemed to fit.

I don’t know about you … I definitely need a photo to communicate about my own hair. So I found one that was sort of like it and explained to the nice young woman that Jackson is looking to keep some bangs to sweep over to the side.

“Still, high and tight and short, though. Does that make sense?”

The kind young woman had little idea how her demeanor and skill blessed our family on this day.

After awhile, I heard the young stylist, “Would you like to come back to see?”

Making a big deal, “I cannot believe how handsome you are! Wow!”

“It’s perfect, Mom. You said it might not be the way I want, but it is!”


He took his ten year old confidence into the next store and proceeded to look in every mirror he could find. Snapping a picture to his surprise. He said, “Take another one”, and he posed.

Almost immediately, Jackson piped up to tell me his comment to post with this picture,

“I am unique.”

One of those did my kid just say something an older person would say?

He went on,

“You know how God makes everyone unique?”

Thought I better agree with this wise young man.

“Yes I do.”

“Well, like I have never had my hair like this before, but it’s me.”

Can you hear his self-assuredness that he was made specially by God and that no matter what haircut he has, “it’s me”?

The great I Am made each of us His snowflake.

Each of us is a holy-crafted human being unlike any other.

And just as He created our physical bodies, He has a specific purpose for us.

I am thankful Jackson reminded me there is a reason I am different than others.

When we are thankful for how He made us, it gives others a reason to look to Him.


What special things did God give you when He made you? How is your purpose specifically designed for you? Still seeking your purpose? Feel free to start a conversation in the comments.

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4 thoughts on “Wisdom: A Boy and His Haircut

  1. What a nice reminder of the simple things that bring us the most confidence and happiness. Also, the joy of outwardly showing how you feel on the inside.

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  2. Another great writing. Times have changed. I don’t think I cared about my hair or clothes, until 8th or 9th grade. My 10 year old son told me, to tell his grandfather, not to give him a kiss, at his baseball game. He said it embarrasses him. I just keep telling my son that Jesus loves everyone, regardless of what they look like. The pictures, you took, after his haircut are great. I love this story!

    Liked by 1 person

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