A Book and A Moment

Oh welcome! Glad you are here.

I am wondering:
Can we be as close to a moment in our time as we can be to Jesus?
I can hear your hmmmm’s.

Maybe you can remember when you got engaged, the moment he showed you the ring?

Or do you remember the first moment your lips touched the smooth, newborn skin covering her head?

The alluring beauty of the moment seems to linger and surround you with its presence, just like Jesus does.

Jesus calls us to abide (or remain or dwell) in Him:

If you abide in me, and my words abide in you,
ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.
(John 15:7, English Standard Version)

Just this week, a moment I long to hold onto happened. Let me share with you:

For two years in a row, I have attended the Asheville Christian Writer’s Conference, a place where I have learned and been encouraged by those who walk before me on the road to writing for Him [www.ashevillechristianwritersconference.com]. Yvonne Lehman is an accomplished author who was present both times. Her sweet manner and her dramatic humor is misleading. She is a very diligent writer who has many, many books with her name in the author spot.

After getting home and settled from this year’s trip, I received an email from Yvonne. Mind you, I was part of the group receiving the email, though my heart did skip a beat … wondering …..

The email was an invitation to submit true stories about God’s work in your life (right up my alley!) She has several Moments Books filled with various true stories that belong to a certain theme. She asked specifically for us to consider submitting to her Merry Christmas Moments for this coming December 2017.

I didn’t pick up my computer right away. My heart searched.


The little girl in me would love to have Christmas every day (Something Elmo tried in his movie Elmo Saves Christmas, it turned out that wasn’t such a good idea) And if you recall, both my parents died in the month of December [If you or someone you know could use hope, here’s the link to my Hope in the Lonely Christmas post https://juliedibblewrites.wordpress.com/2016/12/15/hope-in-the-lonely-christmas-losses/%5D

Eerily, most Decembers of my life thus far have been lived without knowing God.

With its fragrant evergreen, bright bows with curly-swirly ribbon, twinkle lights and festive red sugared cookies … Christmas always draws me in. [A fun Christmas post https://juliedibblewrites.wordpress.com/2016/12/06/the-christmas-child-in-all-of-us-1-of-3/%5D

Hmmmm This time I am the one with the hmmm’s.

Holy Spirit brought to mind one of my favorite Christmas songs, Silent Night. Supernaturally, images and memories wall-papered my mind … a child’s innocent face, a worn carol book, beautiful vibrant joy-invitations and low muted sadness. It almost felt like I was headed for a poem until –


Just yesterday I was getting into the car, checking my phone for notifications. The name, Yvonne Lehman, popped up under gmail.

Oh I have to see this.

My husband was talking about the immediate upcoming appointment.

Embarrassed but totally honest here. I gave Jason the shhh.

Yvonne was so gracious, thanking me for my story. I just wasn’t sure whether it was accepted.

With hastened anticipation, I emailed right back: Dear, will you accept this submission for your December 2017 Merry Christmas Moments book?

Can you guess the answer?

When Yvonne’s email came back with a firm yes, joyful utterances,

“Yay … Awww … thank you Jesus … thank you Yvonne! …thank you Jesus …thank you Carole and Word Weavers …. Thank you, God!”

Praising and emailing … Jason was driving. This precious moment began without my husband. He wondered what I was excited about.

This moment! I wanted it to last forever. One of my stories will be in a book amidst other authors’ stories of God’s work. A BOOK, people!

Yes, many of you know I am in the process of writing a book, two actually. The enemy has swooped in at different times to cast shadows:

of doubt

of worry

of fear.

I am no longer afraid of the dark.

My feet are planted on His freedom-path,

far away from the restrictive perfectionist quicksand,

allowing me to come face-to-face with moments.

Strings of moments are the journey
of writing,
of loving,
of dying.

Dear Jesus, I know you are here with me in this Merry Christmas moment. I know you opened this door and designed a whole bunch of things before this email arrived to awaken my joy. Is it Ok if I just bask in Your light, pointing to You, knowing You called me to write for You, giving You the glory for holding me while You usher me back to the feelings of long ago? Just thank you, Jesus and hear my prayer for the seeds in this story to reach lonely, broken hearts. In Your holy name, Amen

May my brief untitled poem bless you:
Merry moments
Abiding, delighting
Dwelling, swelling
Soaking, stoking
Fire-moment burning
Securing the memory


Check out Yvonne Lehman and her books go to http://www.yvonnelehman.com
Maybe you have a story to submit to her?
Did you like this post? Do you have a moment you want to share?
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Have a wonderful day!


20 thoughts on “A Book and A Moment

  1. Julie! How awesome is that! All of it!! And you are always adding to your writing excitement that Jesus will use your words to reach hurting, lonely and those needing to be encouraged.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Very welcome, Yvonne. God just amazes me with how He lays out the plan that we walk into. There was so much more before your email acceptance came that I didn’t include. He just fills me with awe. Blessings to you and your family, Julie


  2. Julie, So happy for your first step towards getting published! I didn’t know it was December that your folks passed away. Death is always sad but more so at Christmas, it seems. And especially when you so especially enjoyed the season. Maybe this will help a bit with that spot of grieving in your life. I’m looking forward to where God is going to lead you with you other books and your writing career!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much dear Debbie. Yes, God is good and patient and kind in my journey with writing for Him. I love that He has confirmed to keep going. I really appreciate you celebrating with me 🙂


    • Thank you for being here, Laura. And thank you for celebrating with me. It is a step in His plan for me to write a book. I am so grateful. P.S. Thank you for tweeting with me about love in this world, letting it marinate for the next post!

      Liked by 1 person

      • So very welcome! I’m glad we met through the blogosphere. I’m excited to learn more about your book. I would love to buy a copy. My goal is to write a book someday but I have no idea where to start! 😬

        Liked by 1 person

      • I am glad we connected, too. So much to share, but so little space…lol. You are too kind about the book, there’s two actually. One is my marriage story, and one is Lessons from Police Wives on Faith-Strong Marriage (something like that). Book writing is a slow process for me because our boys are still 10 and 12, and this past year has included medical challenges with my husband. If you ever want to chat or brainstorm about your book, let me know.


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