A Love Poem

Love is open, like the soft delicate rose petals that stretch wide to accept drops of rain


The life-giving water healing the pain

Love soaks up the soul food that grows and fills, touching others sweetly

Without words

Love is shared in a moment

She hums, you sing


In sync, not symmetric

Not the same, but linked

In a nameless way

Introduced by Him

For an untold purpose

Wrapped in a love-dress

Clothed from head to toe

In His sparkles

For His glory

With His written story


Of you and the other

Could be your mother,

Your friend, brother,

Your significant other

Just so as your heart opens

To believe and receive

Be a friend who stands tall, reaching to help when your friend falls


Be the lover who is loyal, seeking the One and keeping the one He chose

Be the parent who sings silly songs, teaches choice with care, and always points to Jesus in spite of earthly fanfare


Be vs. Do

Pray vs. Plan

Humble vs. Pride

Be close, be you, be present

old-people-swing pic

Love is quiet

It takes time to hear it

Pay attention or you will miss out

This slice of Heaven in our hearts …

For that is what this life is all about.


Dear Friends, I have been meditating on love, just love in all its ways. I believe wholeheartedly in embracing one’s whole self and allowing love in from every direction. As we fill, we can give this precious gift to bless others, to stand with them, to bind closer yet.

Mother’s Day is hard for me.

Is it hard for you?

Loving myself and others is still hard, an effort, not seamless, but it is soooooo worth it.

For the first time, I will post a picture of me and my mom with words for Mother’s Day. Praying for words to help others.

Stay connected for that post and others:





6 thoughts on “A Love Poem

  1. Very beautiful expression of a heart full of love, a slice of heaven inside us. This poem not only provides a glimpse of a loving heart but also revealing the passionate heart of our loving Heavenly Father. These lines are softly touching my heart ” Wrapped in a love-dress, Clothed from head to toe, In His sparkles, For His glory, With His written story .” Thank you dear friend for these inspiring and moving poem. Also loving the beautiful pictures! God bless you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Your poem is beautiful Julie! At one point heart wrenching and another–celebratory and heart overflowing!
    Thank you,
    Steph Cambro (Jen’s friend) 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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