His Plan: A Short Poem

Good morning, this inspiration could not wait. My follow-up to the last perfectionism post will be Tuesday. But this … Walking in my neighborhood yesterday and watching all the trees move in His wind … sharing the poem and images with you. Be blessed today.


Wind obeys the wave of His hand

Trees sway while standing firm on land

Leaves move, a rippling across

Long thick limbs lined with moss


Squirrel scurries to beat her

Birds hide or fly

Bugs shimmy and shy

What if we listened without question?

Bend and tend to His commands

Would we be like the community in the tree?

All parts working in harmony,

In the midst of strong supernatural pulls

this way and that

Allow our lives to move His way

Instead of choosing and perusing

our own


Just be says He

Love me

Abide I will do

My love will flow back to youjulie-dibble025


2 thoughts on “His Plan: A Short Poem

  1. This poem describes the deep and hidden truth through trees, wind, birds and other little creatures and that truth is God’s love and power which He demonstrates by creating them. And whenever we realise and encounter this beauty around us, let us fill our hearts with praise and appreciation for His love. This line speaks a lot to me, “Allow our lives to move His way.” Thanks for this short but deeply insightful poem. God bless you dear friend.

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    • Dear Norine, thank you for being here. I, too, am moved by observing His creations in nature, and then come words arranging themselves in poems! Yes, for all of us who need daily encouragement to move His way, Amen. May God bless you in this next hour, dear.


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