Self-Forgiveness On the Porch

Thank you for visiting. Today’s post is about self-forgiveness and grace, something we all are given. It’s up to us to accept, which is not always easy. Well, for most families by now, school is out and summer is here! Next post is on just that 🙂

Here I sit on this porch to write this blogpost:


This porch held our family of four the day we bought our house, our first and only house thus far.

This porch is third base when our boys play kickball in the front yard (they have not accepted they are too big to play such games in our limited front yard. One kick and it’s on our neighbors’ roof.)

This porch held our friends for good-bye pictures, until the next visit.


This porch holds me now, many mornings and evenings. I step out to take sky photos, or settle to think and maybe write.


But what gives, Julie? Why are you telling us about this less than beautiful porch?



Earlier in my faith walk, I believed once I gave up my sins to Him, they were gone forever. I assumed I was free, never to be bothered again. (Wouldn’t that be awesome?) This approach to faith had lots to do with old perfectionist patterns of wanting to achieve and move on.


One of the most tender sins to my heart was my past yelling (please understand I know there are times when loud and stern is appropriate parenting, but this was me unleashing stress that didn’t belong to them) at our boys. At the time, I did not link the yelling to controlling perfectionist behavior, but God is like that. He only opens our eyes to what He wants at the time.


Once I saw real change in myself in this area, my ears began to hear the tone in which I spoke. I thanked and praised God whenever I was calm in disciplining (and still do, He is my rock).


Moving along on the fast track to faithfulness, I told my boys that God is helping me be a better mom. I don’t want to yell anymore, and God will help me not to.


Feeling forgiven by Jesus for the yelling, I wrote a poem for each boy. I remember sitting on this porch wearing shorts and my baseball hat, composing the words. This is the one I wrote for Jackson, then six years old.



His grace-bridge between my repentant mama heart and my boys’ young wanting souls.

Forgiveness is always available from Jesus.


We can look up at Him with a heart full of pain and disgust for ourselves, and He will gently touch our cheek, “You are forgiven, my child.”


Be on alert, friends!

The enemy tells believable lies to pull us down. Sometimes we don’t know if it’s the enemy, or just our own guilt which quickly turns to self-hate.

Our Loving God sees, knows, and hears.

His amazing grace …

… meets us at our lowest points when we feel we deserve nothing.

… is the path carved by God between Heaven and Earth, between His love and your seemingly endless struggles.

So before you give up on yourself or anyone else in your life, remember He awaits to clothe you with the Highest, Glorifying Grace.


I got dressed many times right here on this porch.


Stand tall

feel your worth defined by Him

spread your arms wide.


Give Him space to be your source of amazing power, melting away the sins as He warms your heart.

2 Corinthians 12:9 NLT
But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.


It is my prayer for you that you open yourself fully to His forgiveness. He is so willing to help us. Let Him.

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I would love to hear your comments or stories of self-forgiveness. Do you have a porch (tee hee) or another place that’s been special with Him?

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10 thoughts on “Self-Forgiveness On the Porch

  1. It is hard to forgive ourselves the most! Extending personal grace is what I feel I need to work on daily. What a sweet letter to remind you of your convenant to “be a better mom”. Praying with you from an understanding heart.

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    • Thank you dear Edith (is that your first name)? When we stand together in faith, we are able to be His hands and arms to hold each other up. Your prayer is a gift! It’s been 4 years since I wrote the letter in this post. I am blessed in the privilege of having a Lord and Savior who guides, gently corrects and always loves. I will say this. We speak very plainly in our house about God and the enemy. I want my boys, too, to know when they are hard on themselves, that is not God’s voice. Many blessings to you today, Julie


  2. Julie

    That verse in Corinthians is one I have written down and read numerous times, yet when I spend time with Jesus in prayer I will rarely remember to ask for forgiveness for my sins. So thank you with this blog this morning and for helping me redirect myself.

    And for what it’s worth, what I see, you are a really good mom. God is working on you in that area. It is always in my prayer to God to ask for help in choosing the best words, and actions when speaking with my daughter. I, too, have felt that with lack of understanding her, I have said and done things I regret as a mom. But I feel God’s presence more and more in this area these days.

    Enjoy your cold rainy day with your wonderful boys.


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    • Thank you so much Jen for being here and for you kind reflective encouragement. I love that God keeps helping us shed our old selves and working to make us new. I am not the same person who sat on the steps and wrote the poem 4 years ago, but surely He is not done with me yet! Like you shared, I am thankful to feel His presence more now. Blessings to you, dear Jen!


  3. Julie, when I was going through rough times, my Christian counselor asked me if I knew what Grace was. Of course I replied yes, I accepted God’s grace and am grateful for it. She then asked me if I give Grace to others and I replied yes, (although it is very hard to forget when you are hurt, I try hard). Then she asked me why I could not give myself grace? Grace is a beautiful gift from God meant to be shared. It was a turning point in my healing. I share this with so many. Thank you for sharing Grace!

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    • Thank you for being here Wendy and sharing your story. The more I lean into God, the more I see His forgiveness and grace intertwined. It is a beautiful gift, one He still has to remind me of sometimes! Blessings to you today! Julie


    • Thank you for being here Julie. Thankful my words conveyed His tender grace. Thank you for your kind words about the poem. Still working on many things in my family, but there are more sweet moments because of Jesus 🙂


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