#FiveMinuteFriday: Worth


Worth is sticky like double-sided tape. Sometimes stuff flies through the air, insults, discontent, perceived rejection and it sticks. Meanwhile Jesus is on the inside reaching, embracing, abiding where no stickiness is needed. He is just there. There is no end and no beginning to Him, and it is hard to tell where He is and where I am. He is life, my source of breath. He has given me so much light to share with the world, so they will know Him, His power. Remove the tape, He says. Not needed. You don’t need to catch anything from the world. I gave you your worth already, you had your worth before you were born, before your grandmother was born. I planned you, I knitted you. I am guarding you and have made a place for you in my Father’s House. No more tape, absorb only the light. Pray for those who suffer and who are bound by heavy, gorilla glue type of tape. Pray hard, they need to be free.


I am trying something new! The writing above was only five minutes on the topic of the week: Worth. It is one I am dealing with on a personal level. Are you? You may email me for prayers, sweet friends: juliedibblespeaks@gmail.com

If you want to jump into writing, this five minutes is a great way to get started, or get connected with other writers.

Five Minute Friday is community that began with a writer’s question of how to spend the precious five minutes she had. Learn more about this at http://fiveminutefriday.com/linkup


14 thoughts on “#FiveMinuteFriday: Worth

  1. I’m glad you joined us at FMF! I love the analogy with the double sided tape and the reminder that as we get all we need from Jesus we don’t need to catch anything from the world. I think this is a topic I’m constantly wrestling with and where I need to be reminded of truth. Visiting from FMF#9.

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    • Thank you so much for your gracious welcome Lesley! This is my very first 5 minute writing. And I am with you, my sister, it’s an issue the enemy wants us to cave into. Spiritual war is fierce some days. Thank you, Jesus for being our victory. Blessings dear, looking forward to next time!

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  2. Julie, I have been guilty so many times of allowing the labels the world flings at me to stick. At times, I have attached double sided tape trying to grab a title here or there. But once I accepted the truth of who I was in Christ, I no longer needed the tape. I love your post. Thanks so much for sharing.

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  3. Julie, what a lovely post! I so appreciate the reminder that our worth was determined before we ever breathed our first breath. We have worth because God created us. ‘Nuff said. God has worked in my heart over the past number of years reminding me of this truth. I so appreciate your reminder to pray for those who still live by the labels stuck to their hearts and minds.

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    • Dear Jeanne, thank you for being here. Yes, lets walk together in faith so we can encourage each other in Him. The world and its pull can be so powerful. Unseen enemies are hard to identify. Coming from a Godless life to Him, I want to hang on tightly and continue to grow in Him. I will join you in praying for those stuck with past labels or in the current of worshipping another “convincing” idol. Have a blessed Sunday.


  4. Glad you have joined FMF! I’ve been participating only since January and am loving the community as well as the weekly prompts. I really like your sticky tape image–so good.

    Jeannie (FYI, I’m at #36 in this week’s linkup)

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  5. (Of Jesus) “He is just there. There is no end and no beginning to Him, and it is hard to tell where He is and where I am. He is life, my source of breath.”
    I love this! I also love that you went back to the original intent of Five Minute Friday. I want to be challenged back to the original – just write for 5 minutes – no edits, no making it pretty with all the extras. Simply write on the one word. I would like to challenge everyone to get back to that simplistic idea of just write what’s on your heart for 5 minutes.
    Thank you!

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    • Thank you so much dear. This was my very first Five Minute Friday, so I didn’t know people did extras! However, with your encouragement, I will stay true to the process. I so want to improve my writing for God. Looking forward to learning more about your writing. Blessings, Julie

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  6. Great job for a first-timer! I’m pretty new at this too. I’ve done the last five words. It is a little bit of a challenge to get started and stop at 5 minutes. I draw a blank and stop the timer. I’m the kind that tries to stick with the rules too. I guess we could bring increase to our 5-minute post during the week as an added post on our blog…. like a “Part 2.” Looking forward to reading more of your 5-Minute Friday posts. I am #58 this week on the link up.
    Living in HIS Joy!
    Eva Raye

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