How Do You Define Sacred?

6 thoughts on “How Do You Define Sacred?”

  1. Oh Julie, this is post is sacred. It is an opening in the chaos of the worlds current events. It brought me a sense of peace and an awe of who God is. Just for a moment as I stilled away for a little inspiration. I find the scared in nature; water and mountains, trees, insects and fowl. I also love the sky from the fluffy white clouds to the myriad of colors when the sun rises or sets. Who can paint a sky but God? One more. I find the scared in the innocence of children and the wisdom of the elderly. Today, I found the scared in your God inspired words.

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    1. Thank you for being present in this Spirit-led post about sacred. Yes, I so agree about the sky. I look up often. Your comment about the innocence of children and wisdom of elderly hits me as so important. Thank you and God bless, Julie


  2. Julie, I love how you include family moments and nature as potential sacred places. I couldn’t agree more. God is omnipresent; therefore, sacred is waiting all around us to pause, ponder, and praise the Lord of here, now, and forever. Wonderful post, wonderful pictures. ❤
    Blessings ~ Wendy

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  3. I’m with you that libraries are particularly sacred. Is that because we’re writers? And the screened-in porch we had when we lived in North Carolina. God met me there far too many times to count. I think “sacred” is anywhere/any time we meet God. Here at my computer is sometimes sacred (when I write about Him and His Word), sometimes profane (when I scroll through too many Facebook posts and start to feel less-than).

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    1. Not sure, Carole, about the library thing. What is funny is when I was in elementary school I used to pretend I was a librarian. I created a card catalogue of all my books, I would lay them out on my bed and pretend to help “customers” who came in looking for a certain book. I love how you said sacred is anywhere/anytime we meet God. A whole new world opens up in our hearts when we begin to take notice of Him. Yes, He must visit the computers of the writers He has assigned 🙂

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