Remember Play? A Poem, #FiveMinuteFriday

Remember play?

The soul release,
A swooning, sweet peace

Can you feel the gritty sand in your hair?
Kingdom castles tower then crumble in the salt air


Hide-and-seek in the black of night
Thrilling mix of can’t see and get out of sight


The baby doll’s permanent face
Mothering, feeding, rocking … whatever the place


Dressing up, forever becoming
Astronauts and superheroes running and jumping


Where does play go,
As years stack upon us, and our spirits grow?

Let us not leave the wonder in the past
Imagination’s potential is gloriously vast!


Thank you for visiting for this Five Minute Friday Poem! What will you do for play this weekend?

If you are interested in writing for 5 minutes every Friday, here is the website with more information:



14 thoughts on “Remember Play? A Poem, #FiveMinuteFriday

  1. Such an important question. Why do we abandon play as a regular activity? We tend to embrace it in second generation terms. It’s as if we give ourselves permission again. But our minds would do well to make it a significant life rhythm.

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