As Perfectionism Unravels

Welcome, Everyone! If you have struggled with perfectionism in your life, let me stand with you and put my arm around your shoulder, “Let’s walk this journey together.”


Not sure if it was the sermon on selfishness or an online friend giving me feedback … either way I realized I need to let go of more perfectionist patterns.


When will it end?


I picture many balls of yarn, with long strings seeking to be free … free from the tangle of lies and motivations to serve oneself.


Whether its our boys’ rule-breaking behavior or my husband’s and my tiff, I like resolutions. As a parent, I used to make every determination under the sun. The home was my domain, and I had a system.


Who gets this? It went beyond household tasks. My husband worked outside the home, and I was a stay at home mom. I was in charge of kids’ schedules, meals, playdates, encouragement and consequences.
It was my system.

With the help of my ever-loving Jesus, I have surrendered at least some of this. From boys growing in their independence and marriage settling in its 14th year, there have been many grace-baths with soaps of forgiveness.

But what about my desire for resolution?
Satan is still pushing me to the front of the line, demanding things to be tidied up, even relationship things. He reminds me that what is unresolved is uncomfortable and rears Fear’s ugly head.

What am I afraid of?
Sitting with the angst? Lean in, Julie, I am here
My husband changing his mind when I am not in the conversation? Love and honor
My boys making an ill-informed decision? I will stay with them, wherever they go
Helicopter mom-wife has returned.

I totally thought she had left the scene, ushered by Jesus and His angel army. And that’s where the perfectionism still has a grip, though looser than before.


Seeking an end to an issue, wanting all things resolved, to be done, to move on …
There is always hope with Jesus. Walk with me
I can sense His presence, nudging and guiding me back to Him. I am not finished with you yet
Thankfully, His feet are roomy enough to catch all our cares [1 Peter 5:7].
Graciously, streams of His living water runs over our sin-soaked hearts, again and again [John 4:1].
Amazingly, the gift of abundant life here and eternal life there are our gifts as children of God [John 10:10 and John 3:16].
Whatever it is you do or have done, it can never separate you from Jesus. [Romans 8:38-39].
Rest easy, dear friends, and maybe we will meet at the cross sometime during our journeys. Our trips to the cross will have different reasons, but without a doubt we are ALL welcome in the arms of Our Savior. [Acts 10:34].

Thank you for reading today. Feel free to share this post.
I will be headed to a speaking conference this week. If you want more info about that or updates while I am there, follow me at
I would so appreciate your prayers for safe travels and open heart and mind for God’s teachings.
For those of you who enjoy poetry, I will post a new one here on Thursday. Then …
Keep watching next Tuesday for our first guest post for July, my author friend Carole Sparks.
Have a blessed week! In His Love, Julie


10 thoughts on “As Perfectionism Unravels

  1. Welp, I’m right there with ya, Julie, on this one. I’m uncomfortable with unresolved conflict, no matter how small. I smiled with the helicopter mom/wife thing. And It’s only been recently that I realized my struggle with perfectionism. God is sooo good, all day long, everyday.

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  2. I am learning to lean in as well friend. The unresolved discomfort has a way of stirring up the butterflies in my stomach and head. Choosing to lean in and not high trail it out of there is where I collide with Grace big enough to hold me. Strong hands that hold my jaw line and dare me press in even harder to Him who is unmoveable.

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  3. As we grow in grace, God helps us to see the things that once made us proud in a different light. I too battled with perfectionism but now God is helping me to focus more on pleasing Him and having a good relationship with people around me than getting everything done to a tee. Bless you!

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  4. Perfectionism is fake and time wasting practice which keeps us away from the important matters and boosts up our ego and pride. Thanks friend for this wonderful article. 💖

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  5. A perfect dose of reality for me as well today. I, too, struggle with perfectionism which means to me I need to be in control. Quite simply, I’m not. He is. Like that song from the movie Frozen; “Let it go. Let it go.” This becomes a mantra in my head. Thank you for God’s word today, Julie

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    • Thank you for being here, Jen. Yes, He is in control, and He is so gentle and patient with those of us who forget that from time to time. We all need Jesus and each other. Blessings to you, my dear, Julie


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