Praise in the Pain: A Short Poem

Welcome here. I am honored to being you today’s photo. Another online friend found me, or I found her, not really sure. We just know that it is He who connected us. Her giving heart offered her photo for today’s poem. May your darkest day find His light.


Through the window I see lushness

Drowning the city noise is hushness

Quiet comes the rain

A silent reminder of God’s pain

His birthed and planned Creation

Condemn themselves to complete damnation

The tears of Jesus fall and fall

We then remember oh how very small

We are but specks on His holy map

He died to save us, but our indignant tap

On Heaven’s door

Shouting, “we want more and more!”

So the rain is our God-food

Seeping into hearts’ soil, hailing Faith over mood

Bowing low, knees in puddles

Heads turned down in humble huddles

Though after a moment, we smile and raise

Our arms in song to The King of King’s praise

Alone His iron cross tells every story

Saving lives, shining light, powerful healing for His glory.


Thank you for reading, friends. I would love your thoughts on topics or blogs that you have found helpful. Next Tuesday, we welcome Carole Sparks and her marriage story.  Me and my Full Brain (FBS) have so many thoughts to share with you….

Until next time,


11 thoughts on “Praise in the Pain: A Short Poem

  1. Wow….this is so marvellous!! Soul touching expression in God’s goodness and I really love this “So the rain is our God-food,
    Seeping into hearts’ soil, hailing Faith over mood” I’m thinking deeply and learning wisdom from this powerful poem. Nature teaches us how to worship our Creator. Thank you dear friend for sharing the beautiful gift of expressing God’s love, beauty, grace and loving kindness through these poems. My garden and window are saying Big Thanks for giving them honour to serve you. Thank you & God bless. Love & hugs 🤗.


    • Thank you for being here Amanda and for your kind words. Yes the photo is from another country offered by one of my online friends. I post poetry sporadically. Let’s stay in touch because I think I already forgot my question to you about blogging when we were talking at the conference!


    • Thank you for visiting and for your kind words. I am happy to peek at your site. Let me say that I have only been writing for God for about a year and a half and still have so many things to learn. Critique groups or just a critique partner is helpful. Reading many authors and allowing your creativity to flow are both important too. Blessings, Julie


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