Marriage, Memories, and the Master of Time

Welcome back! I feel like I have been away on a trip. Today, I am honored to introduce Carol Sparks who is here to share her marriage story. As God crossed our paths many times on social media, I am blessed by Carole’s heart for Jesus and her writing.

marriage memepic

I remember when twenty years felt like a long time, when fifty seemed old and the idea of having almost-grown children made me laugh. Now, as fifty looms ever closer, I realize the brevity of twenty years compared to eternity. I also realize every one of those years—no, every moment—has been perfectly coordinated by God, the Master of Time, to promote His ever-increasing glory.

The story of my unexpected marriage, in particular, is the story of His perfect timing.

I walked into the Baptist Student Union (BSU, now BCM) one cold January morning to find many familiar faces turned raptly toward one unfamiliar, bearded smile. A Paul Bunyan-esque man owned that smile. Scott (His name wasn’t actually Paul.) had just returned from a semester-long mission in New Orleans. Like Paul Bunyan, he was heroic, popular, and seemingly too-good-to-be-true.

How was it possible everyone knew him except me?!? Two years earlier, Scott started attending studies, eating meals, going to parties, and hanging out there. I was doing all the same things! Yet we never met, never even noticed each other. Then I spent a semester abroad, followed by his semester in New Orleans, so we had no chance to meet.

The same two years earlier, my faith was much weaker, and I dabbled in some destructive behaviors. Meanwhile, he was a “baby Christian,” still learning how to navigate a life of obedience. If we had met, we would have been attracted to each other, and we would have…well, we would have messed up everything. God’s wonderful timing and His incredible blessing blinded our eyes and pulled us away until the appointed time. I can only praise Him!


We chatted, we flirted, we went to the movies (Braveheart) and stayed up talking half the night. I have no idea what we talked about for that long. We had nothing—NOTHING—except our faith in common. He liked sports, I liked the symphony. He liked big parties, I liked tables for two. He watched television, I read books. Within four months, however, I knew I had finally found a man I could follow as far as the “ends of the earth” (which I did) and as long as a lifetime (which I’m still doing).

We married in December.

New Year’s weekend 1996, I sat at a wedding thinking, “It’s going to be a long time before this happens to me.” New Year’s weekend 1997, I was on my honeymoon. That’s how our incredible God, the Master of Time, works to surprise and delight us.

author and husband 2015

Scott and I have been married for twenty years now. There are so many stories I could share. (The one about our first child is especially good!) I’ve learned to like Sports Center, and his to-be-read stack of books is bigger than mine. But this story isn’t really about us. The wonderful thing about our life together is the hundreds of small miracles that result from God’s perfect timing all along the way. To Him be the glory both now and forever!


More about Carole:
Carole writes about how God’s Word’s impacts our everyday lives. She and her family currently follow Jesus in East Tennessee. Connections:, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

Questions or comments for Carole? Leave them right here, and she will get back to you.

As far as what’s coming on the blog, I will be working on two talks this month. At some point, I will share a teaser with you about Self Worth Salvation. As always, you have an open invitation to connect with me:


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