Beauty is the Collection: A Short Poem


Collecting seashells along the shore
Ridged edges, tiny chips
Slathered with salty seaweed
But the beauty in a shell
Does not lie in perfection,
Scars of the sea,
The rolling, trolling waves

Erupt with violent force
Then lay flat with a peace
Only God can provide
Be kind to your shell.
So wonderfully are you made!
To traverse the valleys of shade,
Soar on His wings above

moutain pic
The tippy top of the mightiest mountain
As you walk on His solid ground
Let His light shine
From the deepest crevice of your soul



Thank you for visiting! I pray your heart was encouraged by this poem. Please share if you know others who need a lift. If you need any prayers, please step forward and email me at You are so loved by God.

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14 thoughts on “Beauty is the Collection: A Short Poem

  1. I love the image your words create. I feel relief wash over as I read this. We have such a gift in each other…. like a reminder to breathe again.

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    • Well, I give all the glory to He who created and connected us. Dear Emily, there is a book in our future, the feeling is getting stronger. Thank you for being here. So thankful to Him for using these words to refresh your soul today.


  2. Wonderful post, again great lessons hidden behind it!! Once I’d read somewhere “If you’re seeking wisdom and freedom, seek it on the mountains and from the sea”, truly we can learn so much from the sea its peace, unity, and wild nature which displays God’s tremendous power. And this time wisdom is brought by the little sea shells broken but beautiful, showing peace not struggle. Beautiful but deeply insightful poem. God doesn’t want our perfection, just surrendering attitude is required. Soul touching lines “Let His light shine from the deepest crevice of your soul.” And His light must shine through our brokenness & cracks. Thank you dear Julie for this blessing. God bless you.💖

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    • Thank you for being here Norine. Thank you for sharing wisdom He has provided you about His sea and His mountains. Yes and beauty is not perfection, its a collection of all our sufferings which leads to joy in Him. Blessings and thank you for shining His light today. Honored we are sisters, Norine, who can shine His light together in unity.


  3. Beautiful! I loved the line about being at the tiptop of a mountain having recently climbed one in the Rocky Mountains. We are all “fearfully and wonderfully made!” I’m in the 3 spot this week.

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  4. I have always been in search of the “perfect” sea shell. If there are chips or cracks or even too much sand I would throw them back to the sand. Thank you for having me see that there is value not only in the cracks and chips but in the peace of lying on the sand. God Bless and have a great weekend.

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  5. I really like this, Julie. You’ve reminded me to look for beauty in the rough places, in the scars, in the spots where I can’t imagine God working. Yet He is there and He is good and He brings grace and weaves a lovely tapestry!


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