Love Grows with His Presence: A True Story

Once upon a time there was a young boy named Jason. With a curly copper-top and shy demeanor, he clung to his mama’s leg for security. One day, Jason would be a strong safety-keeper.

A few years before his birth was the arrival of Julie, a bald chubby girl who was social from the start. Batting her baby eyelashes, she smiled at anyone who engaged her. One day, Julie would stream her extrovert style into written and spoken words.

Isn’t it amazing how He lays our life plans for us? (Jeremiah 29:11)

Jason and Julie were at the same work orientation for a large company in August 2000.
With her long blonde hair tucked into her ballcap, a confident Julie extended her hand to introduce herself to a now bald Jason.
“Hi, my name is Julie. I am from Connecticut.”
With wonder in his soul, Jason leapt at the chance to reveal his unique way of thinking, “Wow, that’s odd. You are the second person I met here from Connecticut.”
A PA. native, Jason returned to his hometown after finishing college. He was unsure of Life’s next adventure.
A CT. girl, Julie was done toiling two jobs to make ends meet in her expensive home state. Now 30, she tried to rally some hope for a do-over.

A new job. A new state. A cheaper rent.

Pre-arranged from above, Jason and Julie worked at the same office in the same small town. Whenever Jason arrived to work, he sought Julie out. Chances were slim with his darting, nervous glances that their eyes would meet, but he was drawn to her.

Struggling with anxiety on and off, sweat pooled in Julie’s palms when she got nervous. Often, she found herself holding wet copies of paper when she spotted Jason, hoping to capture his stare.

Fast forward 16 years.

Julie was Jason’s bride twice, and always will be.

Such sweet highlights of a journey together that had its share of valleys.

2003, their wedding alone on the beach in Biloxi (except for the Justice of Peace, some tikki torches and an Airforce buddy to take a few pictures).

2014, Jason and Julie renewed their vows together with God, friends and family at their local church.

Their love story continues on July 23, 2017:

“This is my last work story, I promise.”
Julie managed her coffee while Jason shared the stressful accounts of his last couple shifts. She felt the weight of his burdens as he talked. Julie’s mind whispered a prayer for this night away to be reconnection, a spark of love to blow the dust off their everyday lives.

Jason parked the car with confidence and reached for his wife’s hand as they entered the bed and breakfast office.


After the usual check in routine, the salt-and-peppered mild-mannered owner asked, “Where are you having dinner?”

True to herself, Julie’s energy bubbled as she talked with the owner. After about the third suggestion of a restaurant, Jason, now an expert at catching Julie’s eyes, gave her a look. Oh how their history together translated such nonverbal cues!
Leaving behind the busy-brained household planner, Julie acquiesced, bowing politely out of the conversation. Dinner was the last thing on their hearts after their mid-afternoon ice cream treat. Julie turned her focus to her husband, the man who works hard and expects much of himself.
Julie wondered how life traveled so fast this summer. Where did their couple time go?

Jason, a family man at heart, wondered if he paid enough attention to his wife. Their boys need him, too.


Jason and Julie obediently followed behind the kind man who held the key to their protected together time. The anticipation mounted as Jason and Julie headed for their very own cottage for this one night, for such a time as this:

Through the whimsical arch, peace overcame their souls.


Rain pelted their cottage roof. A supernatural promise warmed their worried hearts. In spite of any storm, His light will shine.


His light continued to illuminate the coming darkness.


Crisp fresh mercies appeared the next morning:


Sweet wonder in the property’s nooks and crannies, placed with intention for wanting hearts.





When you follow Him, His love fills you. Then you have more to give to your spouse.



Thank you for reading our little marriage love story that God has blessed! He truly is our living hope that He can restore what is broken. In my talk last Sunday, one of the messages God gave me to share was this:

There is nobody too bitter, too broken, or too bottomed-out for Jesus! ~Julie Dibble, reporting from above. You will find more quotes and uplifting posts at

Do you have any stories where you have felt God’s presence in your own life, or your marriage? I would love to hear, and maybe you would like to write a guest post? For my whole life, I will celebrate Jesus and His power in our lives. So if you have a true story inside you, email me at and lets connect.

If you loved these bed and breakfast photos {ALL photos in this post taken on the bed and breakfast property}, you will feel well-taken care of by the owners, Will and David. Our breakfast was delicious and beautiful to see {I don’t take pictures of food, sorry}. The service was impeccable. As you can see no matter how long you stay, you feel far away, like you stepped right into a storybook. For more information, visit


13 thoughts on “Love Grows with His Presence: A True Story

  1. Appreciate this one! What a beautiful blessing of love both of you enjoy! God gives marriage as a gift to us. And God has used marriage as an marvellous illustration of Christ’s love for us. May you always enjoy this precious blessing and glorify His name together.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh Lisanne the writing life can be hard, especially when creativity is at a low. As a person trying to be more compassionate and less perfectionist-type, I fully agree with moving on the journey one step at a time. I certainly enjoy writing more when I have visions or words that come easily. Everything I read says write whether you want to or not. Together with other God-appointed authors, we can do this!


  3. Julie, From the first time I read this I thought that it was a great book proposal for a new type of romance novel. You never see anything about what happens after boy meets girl and they live happily ever after. This has the perfect outline of a novel on marriage. After all, when we do write fiction we write on what we know about. Just food for thought.

    Liked by 1 person

      • You’re welcome! The book God told me to write first is on the back burner because Rahab seems to be on the highest priority in writing. I will get back to the other one He has Rahab flowing so I go with the Spirit.


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