Wayward Weather: A Short Poem


A summer chill

Flapped the flags

Pushed the delicate petals

Swiped the tall grass



Divided the street

White-gray clouds advancing forth

A blue sky slate lying in wait

The breeze blowing North


Right in the center

Of dark and light

Of storm and peace

Of hope and plight


An Autumn spill

Into the season of heat

Feathers fly

Feet pound the beat


The soon-coming rains

Torrent down

Drenching our spirits

Take shelter under His wings and crown


Our Lord and Savior

For He is the middle, beginning and end

Our tears, our smiles, our jeers

In the places we hide, around every bend



Let us feel His presence

For all the moments in every one of His hours

He is alive, covering His children

With unfailing love and grace-upon-grace showers




Thank you for reading this poem! It had been brewing awhile, thought I would share on this unseasonably cool summer Saturday.

Looking into next week, I will be writing some about sisterhood and ways we support each other. It is SO important to find ways to respectfully connect, even if we disagree. If you have any thoughts on this subject feel free to email me at juliedibblespeaks@gmail.com.

As always, you are welcome to hunt me down on social media. Here are the links to save you time!





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