Trusting God When A Friend Moves



Life can get complicated … quickly. In the past, I fell right into the web of whys and why-nots while navigating my self-sufficient adventure called life.

God is the ultimate game-changer. Trusting Him to guide your steps lifts the weight of needing to know what’s ahead and how you will get there. Believing He is the sculptor who molds the junk in our hearts into something beautiful means He always has your back (Isaiah 64:8).

Four years ago, God in His holy orchestration knew my friend Stephanie and I would be living close by, each with a gaping emptiness in our souls.


I saw a mom with two young children living far away from family. I reached out.

With God at the helm of our friendship, it was that simple.

Upon our first or second park date with the kids, Steph told me she was writing a book. God began at that moment to stir up the child-author of long ago, giving us something in common.
Many, many Saturday mornings, Steph and I attended the Lancaster Christian Writer’s meetings together.

During one of our trips back, I shared how thankful I was for her. A recent loss of a longtime friendship hung over my heart like a storm cloud. Then, there was Steph.


Is it really that simple, Jesus?


On any given visit, I probably spoke more words than Steph. God put me, the classic extrovert with some weird introverted things happening with writing to be friends with Steph, the classic introvert who still struggles to comfortably hold conversations with people she doesn’t know.


One the huge unseen bonuses of our friendship: Steph helped me understand our Braedon, a slightly stoic introvert who hangs on the outskirts of social events.


Throughout our time, Steph listened to my various woes and jumping-for-Jesus passions. Offering hugs, prayers, attending appointments and retreat break-outs where I spoke, sending post-visit processing emails, and just being present with me. Though she didn’t stop there …


Early in our friendship, when her parents came to town, I was invited to stop by and meet them. Feeling an instant warmth, I tell my friend’s mom I will connect with her sometime in her state! More recently when her parents and siblings were in for a visit, I found myself surrounded by my friend’s family.

A circle of support, outlined with love.


Steph multiplied!

Did that ever happen to you? One friendship turned into an adoption of an entire family, including husbands and littles, too!

When God brought Steph and me together four years ago, He also knew she and her family would return to their home state this year. At this very moment, He sees the sadness mixed with the joy. Hugging each other tightly, we both trust in Him with our own lives, and with our friendship.

Opening our minds to God’s plans.

Stretching our hearts to accept His work.

Allowing love in and love to flow out.

There’s power in that kind of simple.

Reflecting on our friendship, I realize Steph and I did not take a whole bunch of pictures together. The crux of our connection was meaty and crucially private. Depth and growth embedded in love speak loudly on their own.

I trust God to bring us together for future visits, photos, writing and our glorious walk-and-talk’s.

Simple sisterhood blessed by Jesus.

At a time such as this, the only good-bye is a tearful one.


Thank you for visiting today! Stay tuned for more on sisterhood this week!

My heart goes out to all my sisters who are sad about friendship. I know some of you have lost dear friends to cancer; some of you have experienced a friendship gone sour. Or maybe you can relate to this post. Someone you were super close with recently moved far away. If you need prayer, please email me at I will be in prayer about God to connect me with some local friends. I would be honored to pray for you.

Please know it is okay to feel lonely. Just remember this truth:

Deuteronomy 31:8, ESV: It is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you; he will not leave or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed.





12 thoughts on “Trusting God When A Friend Moves

  1. While reading this I had tears in my eyes to the point where I had to stop. This one hits home Julie. The Tender Mercies of the Lord will bring people into your lives and sometimes they must move on and away. Thank you for writing this and blessing me with it as I am sure there will be many others.

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  2. I’m so glad Steph had you Julie – and that you had her too. Everyone needs a good friend and they can be so hard to find!

    I’m terribly sorry I didn’t get to know her better! It’s something I’ll regret but with a little luck, God will put our paths together again at some point! Making adult friends can be such a challenge!

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    • Hi Mandy, thank you for being here. Yes, I am so thankful to God for bringing me and Steph together. It truly was the perfect time. I agree making adult friends can be hard, but nothing is impossible with You-Know-Who 🙂


  3. This just touched me in a profound way. All the feelings and emotions I’ve had over this issue just bubbled up unexpectedly. I am so happy that you two had the time together you did. I’ll be praying that God maintains the bridge between your hearts across the miles. Hugs!


  4. I resonate with your feelings here. Our beloved neighbors, who were like family) moved recently. We are still grieving the loss. We still stay in touch but our kids will never have the impulsive moments together that was such a gift. With that, my son lost yet another friend within a year. “Opening our minds to God’s plans.Stretching our hearts to accept His work.Allowing love in and love to flow out.” If you don’t do that, you miss out on how God is reshaping your life.

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    • Awww, I feel that heaviness of things changing and your son needing new go-to buddies. Loss and loneliness are one more thing to surrender when He loves us so much to connect us with each other and one more reason to grow even closer to Him. Have a blessed weekend, Julie

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