3 Reasons to Thank Jesus for Sisterhood

I wonder if everyone has a theme to their life? Do you look back on childhood and have an overarching feeling or thought? That may be your theme.
Unfortunately, loneliness lived in my heart from the time I was young. I have very few words to describe it. I imagine my little girl self literally calling out for a playmate and her disappointed eyes casting down when the echo bounced in and back out of the hole in her soul.

Thank you, Jesus, for making me social and resilient. Throughout my life, I knew how to make friends and was rarely shy. The path laid for me had that hole, though. The funny thing about that hole was how loud emptiness could be when I was around others.
Loneliness is a soul-state. We can feel totally alone in a crowd, or in a family, or in a marriage.

What does God do with His young daughters who grow up lost on the inside?

He calls and gathers and connects them with SISTERS!!!!

It doesn’t matter if you are the only daughter in your family, or that you will be forever a boy-mom. God knows and hears the lonely night cries.
Let’s thank Jesus for being Our Hope:
1) Thank you, Jesus, your promise of healing speaks to lonely hearts.
Psalm 147:3 He heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds.
When we lay down our loneliness at your feet, You are there to hold us and whisper as many times as we need to hear: You are never alone.

Then, in the way only You can do, you call some of us to speak life into our sisters who struggle in the same way. When we trust You to use our pain for Your good, we feel loneliness evaporate as You draw other women to us. (Scripture reference 2 Corinthians 1:3-5)
2) Wow! Jesus, Your Sovereignty sees our entire worlds. You gather groups of sisters together in endless ways.


In my life, God led me to join police wife groups online. Plop, a blessing of thousands of sisters who will pray and encourage at the slightest bit of worry in another sister’s life. I wish I had known about MOPS when my boys were young, but God’s plans are always perfect. Now, He connects me with MOPS to speak about my struggles and His power to the moms in that phase of life.

What about all the sisters in your church family, or your neighborhood, or at your place of work? Who are the sisters God has gathered already for you? If you are lonely to be surrounded by a group of women, pray, dear sister. You never know what group He may lead you to!
3) Thank you, Jesus, for meeting our specific sisterly needs. Because friendship is more personal than large gatherings, we all need those few sisters who can go deep and stay with us in our worst moments. God is faithful and will bring friends who are a perfect match at a perfect time.

As Tuesday’s post told, Jesus gave me Steph when a longtime friendship had dissolved (if you missed Tuesday, just scroll back one). Now that Steph is moving, God has been super busy reminding me that I am not that lonely little girl anymore who doesn’t know her Lord and Savior. I am His Daughter who trusts and sees the many blessings He places in my life. Why? Because He loves me THAT much.

I have grown close to some police wives, thank you Jesus. Other writers called by God have appeared, seemingly out of nowhere. Right? He is just that POWER-full.

There’s the friend who tweeted about oatmeal in the winter who wrapped me in a Jesus-loving hug when I met her in person. There’s the young woman who always checks in with the old me. How about the far away friends you have had for a long time but are still pillars in your heart?

I am not kidding, the list of Jesus-sister blessings goes on and on. It will for you, too, because He loves us THAT much.



Go to Romans 8:31-39 and soak it in. As you lean into Jesus, honor your feelings. Honestly, I had one or two cry-fests about my friend moving. Sadness ebbed and flowed.

Make sure Jesus receives an invitation to your pity-parties.

Not only will your lonely heart be comforted by His presence, but that hole will be over-filled as He brings sisters into your life.


Thank you for visiting and reading! I pray these words speak life and His love into any holes in your soul. If you know someone else who could use this post, please share.

Looking ahead, we have another guest with a beautiful heart-story of healing coming this month! I will post the date soon.

In the meantime, let’s stay connected!

Every Wednesday, until God nudges for more, I will post short 5-7 minute videos on youtube.com. Sharing life stories and His truth. For yesterday’s, search Julie Dibble, Loving Others When You Don’t Feel Like It

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11 thoughts on “3 Reasons to Thank Jesus for Sisterhood

  1. Thank you my PA sister! Boy can I relate to your story about growing up. But with age comes wisdom right? And God shows us not to be afraid and to get out there and love on somebody. I thank Him for sisterhood and for amazing women like you!

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  2. Love this and so thankful for the gift of sisterhood! The only ONE who can sustain us is HIM, but Thank God we are blessed to have other relationships that can fill our hearts. Such a beautiful word to hear this morning. Thank you! ❤


  3. What a surprise to get to the end and see a picture of us together! A great memory. Thanks, once again for the reminders, and I, too, can identify with growing up alone. But as I have learned to lean on Him, it seems he has met my sister-needs (also–since I don’t have a sister) and provided sisters–good friends–the most recent one named Julie : ) I like the statement, too about inviting Jesus to our pity parties. Well done, lady!

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