Try: A #FiveMinuteFriday poem

“Try, try again,”
Says the perfectionist who wants to get it right
Not just right, without flaw
For anything else reflects her epic fail


Try doesn’t fit in:
The black and white, the dark and light,
The perfect or wrong.
Try is the middle of the road


Where our experience prevails
Try opens doors
Try changes direction
Try is the path whose perfect is Jesus.



fmfphotoThank you for stopping by! If you need prayer, please email I am honored to pray for people. This post is part of the weekly write for 5 minutes. Word prompt today was TRY. If you have words stirring inside of you and want to start writing, this is a great way to get started and be a part of this encouraging community of writers. Go to and get signed up!



23 thoughts on “Try: A #FiveMinuteFriday poem

  1. Great poem, Julie! Perfectionism is definitely something I have struggled with and am gradually letting go of. I love this reminder: “Try is the path whose perfect is Jesus.” It makes such a difference when I realise it comes down to his perfection, not mine.

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    • Thank you for reading Lesley. I am speaking from experience in this poem and feel encouraged I am not alone. My high expectations hindered patience with myself a couple years ago. The Giver of Grace is with me, and with you, and all who struggle in this way💙

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  2. Beautiful poem! THIS: “Where our experience prevails, Try opens doors, Try changes direction
    Try is the path whose perfect is Jesus.” I’m in the 5 spot this week.

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  3. My Friend I can attest that the perfect in Jesus flows out from you by His Grace as Faithfully, daily, you show up and continue to live life in the brave of Try. I am blessed by His hands free flowing out of You. Press On.

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