Speak: A Poem



Jeremiah 10:13
When he speaks in the thunder, the heavens roar with rain. He causes the clouds to rise over the earth. He sends the lightening with the rain and releases the wind from his storehouses.

The words we speak
Sometimes seep
From the soul’s darkness buried deep
“Where did that come from?”
These words rising from the heart
Lay them, letter-by-letter at His feet
Could be the unseen enemy
Old questions begging for relief
He who speaks in the thunder
Has wisdom for our every blunder
He blesses those who turn
Despite torrents and roaring,
Seeking beyond the rain to love only Him
“Come to me” … His forever-speak.


Writing for only 5 minutes can be hard. Today’s word prompt was SPEAK. My Go and Stop tell you what came out in 5 minutes with a few slight changes afterward. I really look forward to Fridays, to stretching my thoughts to fit in few words. If you are interested in joining this community of like-minded, growing writers, visit http://www.fiveminutefriday.com

Then, friends, twice a week I am posting videos on my Facebook page. Yesterday’s was 3 Reasons to Turn to Thankfulness. If you or someone you know could benefit, just go to https://facebook.com/jdibble4Him. You can like and follow the page to receive notifications. And keep watch on social media in general, I will post a choice of blog topics for the coming week. The words are piling up, not sure which direction to take!


12 thoughts on “Speak: A Poem

  1. Julie, Stunning poem! God certainly spoke to you in those five minutes! “He who speaks in the thunder
    Has wisdom for our every blunder”-this is such a great visual and will remind me every time I hear it. I am not in the link-up yet. Later today.

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  2. Thank you for visiting this morning Stephanie. Read Jeremiah this morning where I left off yesterday knowing the word prompt. This verse spoke to me SO loudly. Praying these words speak to others too. Have a blessed day. I will check back later for your post 🙂


  3. Great poem, Julie! I especially love the last line: ““Come to me” … His forever-speak.” It’s so encouraging to remember that despite the thunder or whatever we are going through, God is always calling us to come to him.

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