Who Writes Your Story?

12 thoughts on “Who Writes Your Story?”

  1. Oh, I love that JK Rowling quote! Her writing is truly extraordinary in transporting you to other places! But even in our own lives, may we always look out for the stories around us and rejoice with how it unfolds for other people.
    Visiting from FMF today.


  2. Love this Julie! I love to hear people’s stories and I love that God never quits writing ours. On my desk, I have a little plaque that reads, “my story isn’t over yet” to remind me God still has plans for me. One of the many cool things about God is you never know where He might take you and there’s always another chapter. So happy and blessed He wove us into each other’s stories as we endeavor to serve Him through the written word.

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    1. Thankyou so much Liz. Love your plaque. I often think of Phillipians 1:6 to remember our stories aren’t over until Jesus completes them. That part of you never know where he will take you is a bit unnerving at times. Yes, blessed we have connected. Have a great weekend!

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