When Your Mind is Full of SHOULD’S

6 thoughts on “When Your Mind is Full of SHOULD’S”

  1. Oh, Julie, I HATE that word! I work really hard never to use it in my writing…or in my mind. But sometimes it creeps in. Should always implies “not good enough” and “obligation.” I’m so glad you’re throwing off those bindings. Let’s be careful not to “should” each other.
    By the way, I like your pin-straight blond hair. I think it has attitude (in a good way).

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    1. Thank you for being here Carole. Yes, I pray never to should you! Still creeps in on my end too, as I shared. God helps me listen for it. Thank you for the kind comments about my hair! It’s a new cut, and I do like funk 🙂 Oh and btw, I am getting ready to dive into The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness!

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  2. I have sometimes Inclined to “should” and I found I could make it my servant. As in making New Year’s resolutions like “I like to bake therefore I will bake every week.” Since it was a resolution, it carried a”should,” and therefore it required me to do something fun! This weekend, I decided I “should“ get out of the house to high school play (Which was fun) and “Should” work through the scripture that explained why I disagreed with something I heard in the teaching recently (turned out some good work) and “should“Try making a boxwood tree table decoration (dismal failure except, to borrow from Edison, a very successful lesson in how not to make a boxwood tree!) If you have to should, let it move you to something you really want!


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