Embracing Angels and Forever

5 thoughts on “Embracing Angels and Forever”

  1. So full of peace, perspective and encouragement. My nieces were saved by an angel as they played behind a parked car on a hill. For no reason except that the older sister felt strongly to take her sister by the hand and stand to the side; as they stood there the empty car rolled down the hill. My Mom was caught by an angel as she picked up her grandson from his crib. The rug went out from under her and she and the baby floated to the floor unharmed. Thank you for this reminder of our protection from God through angels.

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    1. Love this Patti! Thank you for sharing these stories. It is just so wonderful to know we have protection beyond what we can see. And thank you for the feedback. When I receive such confirmation, I know I listened closely to Jesus. Blessings upon your evening, Julie


  2. Love your words, your heart, your blog. Thank you for all your wonderful contributions! I love that your son wrote a novel and you are going to bat on your knees for a troubled marriage – such good stuff my friend. Blessings and another well done post that inspires.

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    1. Thank you for your encouragement Liz. The marriage prayed for yesterday is now in Heaven’s hands, though I will keep praying on my own. The wife’s faith is direction for all of us to take when hope looks grim. Anyway, have a blessed Friday. I will get caught up on your blog over the weekend. Today will be my last post before Christmas 🙂

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