His Winter Providence

3 thoughts on “His Winter Providence”

  1. I love your pictures so much. They speak so loudly, The snow covered peaches speak of what feels like unseasonal difficulties that we must live through. For the joy set before us, we endure the cross reality that the old man is dead. We choose life. Peach trees are spoken of as being the tree of life. The steaming mug with a sweater speaks of how we choose to protect the warmth of God’s love within us. The precious boy reading a tattered bible in bed speaks volumes of childlike devotion to our Father, gleaning wisdom from the generational flow of our own forefathers should we be blessed to have them. I believe that even if we’ve never met them, there are great great grandparents who prayed for us. May we enjoy the shoveling as well as the rest by the fire. May we continue to labor to enter His rest in all things. Thanks Julie.

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    1. Patti, I appreciate your take on the photos. I enjoy choosing them to highlight His truth. Yes, let’s walk together in joy as we serve Him and in joy as we rest in Him. Blessings upon your evening, Julie


  2. “May we share it with hands to help and words we breathe” My prayer always. I enjoyed reading about your high school soup kitchen experience and how you brought it back to share with the other students. To have a heart like His – a servant’s heart is what I hope to have. My goal this year is to make room for more of it. Thank you for sharing – your experience touched me.


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