Breaking into New: A Poem

11 thoughts on “Breaking into New: A Poem”

  1. Love the crown. Many believe that we get these crowns after death, but I believe that we are meant to wear them in governmental humility, ruling with His love, Power and wisdom. Love that image and all your amazing illustrations. James says to ask for God’s wisdom while in that trial and when we have passed the test, we are given a crown of Life. Symbolically, His Resurrection Life will rule us and we will enforce that rule, that Life, wherever our feet tread. Bringing the comfort of how He has comforted us, including deliverance. Thy Kingdom Come, Lord. Through your body flows wholeness, love, wisdom, power, grace… Your poem says it all. Powerful. Thanks. May all that comfort keep flowing, Julie. May your arrows hit the heart and scatter our enemies.

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  2. As I am reading your poem, I’m thinking…
    Life is hard. God is good.
    Chewing on the verses in Isaiah 55 lately…seems to relate well and gel with your poetic words here today. Thank you for sharing words which flow from your heart.
    PS – I love the crown picture as well. =)

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    1. Good morning, Lisa, thank you for sharing the verse and your thoughts here. Yes, poems flow from my heart and prayer. On my own, I cannot write poetry. He inspires them with either first lines, topic, sometimes Scripture. I just follow 🙂

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  3. There is so much here. Freedom. An ice melt. A statue moving. Pain felt. I remember as a child coming in from the cold and warming my frozen hands under warm water.i remember the burn before the thaw.
    Through the coldest of days He is the brightest mercys rays. It has been extremely cold here lately. But the sun has shone every day and makes it bearable. God’s mercy in our fallen state has shined on us with redemption. Not a one deserves His favor.

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    1. Dear Mary, thank you for diving into this poem of faith with me. I am thankful #hope spoke to you. He is our steady, our rock. And yes we struggle to please Him. Such a gracious, loving God. I can only pray each day my character and heart grows in Him. Bless you this hour, writing friend and sister in Christ.

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