New Post: My Struggle with Belonging on Social Media

9 thoughts on “New Post: My Struggle with Belonging on Social Media”

  1. Great piece. I love how you showed us the missing puzzle piece as from the side. I pondered that and realized how right you are. The sides are the very structure that holds it all together. That must be whole and of course the inside follows through the finished work of His Precious cross. So Inspiring. Thanks so much. As you say, it is already done, but we must choose to remain in that in our minds. God sent me to Joseph’s story today to let me find something that was a turning point for his rejection and abuse. At the end, when he was called from the prison to come before the king, he shaved his head and changed his clothes. The word clothes is also the word for mantle. So, to me this is symbolic of our putting off the old man and putting on Christ, our mantle. Two years prior, he was still remembering the abuse. Now he is discreet and wise, separating mentally who he is from what has been done to him. God help us all to get that fully, cast off the past and put on our mantle of Christ, connected to the vine, the life, and bearing fruit. Thanks Julie.

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