How I Stopped Drinking

13 thoughts on “How I Stopped Drinking”

  1. Thanks for Sharing Julie, there is a part here that I believe word for word is true for me and another passage I struggle to understand/believe completely. Your life is in an inspiration and you were a great friend when I needed you pre and post-alcohol.

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  2. Julie sweet friend thank you for sharing your story! You are a inspiration to me and to many more.Im so proud of you for being a strong Godly woman who shares His truth,love and hope.Congratulations on your sobriety thats awesome! God is so Good and loving.This message is filled with so much Hope.Sweet Blessings to you and your family
    Love and Hugs

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    1. Sydell, you are such a light who shines on others. I am thankful to Jesus you heard hope in this post. #onlyJesus can save, even when we don’t think we need saving. Thank you for joining me on this journey of life, sister. In Christ, Julie


  3. Julie, your experience hearing God was EXACTLY how God has spoken to me exactly twice. I wrote about the first time in my Fragile Heart blog, and it took me years to understand why He told me what he did that night. But your description of rattling dishes froze me to the spot and sent chills up my spine. The Lord speaks in mysterious ways, and I love that He spoke to us each for different reasons, but in the same way.

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    1. Hi Miccah! Sorry for the delay in response. We just got back from the mountains. Internet was spotty. Wow! God spoke to you twice! He is amazing. I would love to read about it. Do you have two blogs? How do I find the Fragile Heart one? Anyway, Miccah, thank you for being here and joining me in awe of Our Mighty God. In Christ, Julie


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