Seeing After Jealousy

14 thoughts on “Seeing After Jealousy”

  1. “Jealousy is an insecurity jail” love it Julie! Truer words were never spoke and I will remember your words as I go about my day. Thank you for your wisdom!

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  2. Thank you for this! I wonder if women especially struggle with jealousy since it is so easy for us to feel insecure. I have often thought that if I can’t do what everyone else is able to do then I am not good enough. And then this turns into jealousy. Let’s embrqce freedom!!

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    1. Oh Shelby, I am thanking Him on my knees. He wants us all to feel the love that makes worthy, the security that never needs questioned. Yes, let’s embrace freedom, walking with each other for #wearebrightertogether!

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  3. Wonderfully written, I have read this multiple times. The struggle within is so real and can be confusing to sort through in our minds. You pulled jealousy into the light, exposed it, identified the liar and offered a map of hope. Absolutely Beautiful My Friend…may our struggle with jealousy cause a chemical reaction with our Spirit infused bodies that instead of hurting, hating and fearing produces generosity, uninhibited encouragement to others, love with no fear and the kindness of our Father. Thanks for sharing this 💜

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