Big Daddy Weave and the Lifting(s)

15 thoughts on “Big Daddy Weave and the Lifting(s)”

  1. Many laugh out louds, tears and miracles last night my friend. What an evening we shared! My favorite part of the night was watching your sons react to the Holy Spirit flowing through them! No words except God is so great!


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  2. Juile,  We just saw a concert for big Daddy Weave Concert before with my friends and praise God to me. It’s is in incredible or amazing 

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  3. May be my most favorite of all your posts, ever! Awh, Jackson. Lived how the Holy Spirit got into his heart- it was obviously open! Right? So exciting. Loved how the 3 of you surrounded him with your family love. Big brother love is the best.

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  4. Dear Julie, What a sweet gift that the Lord began lifting your own heart, and then He was moving in your sons’ hearts too! Such a blessing to these Mama hearts when we watch our children hearing the voice of the Father! Amen, that His love has no limitations!

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