On Becoming Fearless

28 thoughts on “On Becoming Fearless”

  1. Oh Julie, you speak a powerful truth that is bigger than our fears! God’s Word is stronger, but you are right, we have to yield those strands to His hands in order to weave in His comfort, strength and peace. This is so beautiful and strong! Bless you, dear friend! Praying for His highest calling for you today.

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    1. Thank you dear Nancy. I agree, a powerful tool of the enemy. Thank you, Jesus. You are bigger and always victorious! And may our mighty God bless you too. I saw your invite about your book! Congratulations dear friend. I will pray and get back to you soon.


  2. Oh Amen! I just finished asking for prayer to give over fear, as I found out I need to start a new medication next week. I hadn’t even realized I was carrying fear about that, but God is so good to reveal to me every time I pick it back up. More hidden corners uncovered, but He is so ready to bring us to that place of blessed trust in Him. Thank you for your timely words today, Dear Sister!

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  3. This is something frustrated me for long time. Fear will make us to believe the fake information but only truth may set us free. That’s the real Freedom.

    Free from fear, this is also a journey of changing our mental mode but only can be done with God’s grace and mercy.

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