Lessons in Gettysburg: Part 2

17 thoughts on “Lessons in Gettysburg: Part 2”

  1. Dear Julie, what a beautiful memoir of a sweet time away with your beloved husband! I appreciate as as always your honesty about our frailties and how God beautifully leads us onward and Son-ward, as we turn to Him. Your gorgeous photos captured your thoughtful nuggets of truth. God bless you and your dear husband!

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  2. It is very interesting thing to do On Oct 27, 2018 9:24 AM, “Julie Dibble, Speaker and Author” wrote:

    > juliedibblewrites posted: “Ahh finally in the room. My husband does not > hold onto things as I sometimes do. An old habit that needs thrown in the > fire. I knew I needed to look ahead of me and leave lunch in the dust, > completely. Breathing deeply, I thought for a minute about the ” >

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  3. Julie, I totally relate to the struggle of trying to just live in “right now”. Its not always easy to do! And I find that the saturation of media (phone, TV, games, etc) makes it that much harder…we are so used to being entertained that we miss the beautiful, simple moments in life. So great that you guys had a good time together. Hugs!

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  4. Dear Julie,
    Oh I loved this thought that went with your beautiful reflection photo: “A visual reminder that our marriage stands not alone rather in His shadow. As we seek more of Him, His light ever shines into the flesh He united long ago, a sight pleasing to Heaven.” We are such imperfect people, and yet when we are joined together in Him, His light and life become so entwined between our imperfections. What a beautiful mystery! So glad you were able to have that time alone.

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    1. Thankful for you Bettie. I dont often use the word mystery with God, but marriage is just that in many ways. Yes, I am thankful we had the needed time alone too. Tomorrow when kids are in school we hope to relax with a movie together. Getting up early to write. Peace and blessings upon your rest, dear sister.

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