Love in Action: A Movie and a Hike

26 thoughts on “Love in Action: A Movie and a Hike”

  1. I’m a hiker, as well. This post helped encourage me to stop waiting for more time to enjoy my walks in the woods; but, instead, go and leave the busyness for another day. Your photos of the wonderful fall colors of your neck of the woods is a highlight. As you’ve seen from my photos here in Florida, we receive very little change in the color.

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    1. Praise God, Ginny! I love how He connected us as hikers. And I love even more He nudged you to go, spend the time in the woods to return more full. I look forward to your pics 🙂 Maybe less in Fall color, Florida has wildlife and flowers I wont find here.


  2. Oh, this is all too true. Good intentions don’t cut it. Saying goodbye to the busy just for a little while. Right now we are busy with broken cars, garages that say they are too busy, phone calls we are waiting for and people that don’t show. So work gets put on hold and tension rises. My mornings are solace and God is present in the midst of my storm(s).
    Thank you Julie, for being a part of my calm.

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  3. Thanks for the beautiful photos, and the walk with you today! I am so very grateful that my husband & I took those long hikes when we were able to. God continues to bring the blessings from those days, long afterward. I think we don’t realize how much He does work through our pausing from the busy to really BE present with each other! Blessings to you and your family Julie!

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  4. Great read 🙂 Such lovely pics. The statement at the top is very true, we often times make empty promises to persons and we need to be aware of this and try to change it.

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  5. Loved the photos! I love to take pictures of nature, too, and I love to go for walks with my husband, as well. Now we are taking exercise classes together at the YMCA, which are designed for us senior citizens.

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  6. What a beautiful time! I can’t fathom having two dates in a week with Bo, either, but your post reminds me that a “date” doesn’t need to be some epic event. The little moments together make all the difference, too. xxxxxx

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